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MEET DAVID SADLER, Bay Area Staffing Thought Leader & Technologist

Posted on August 26, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, MasterCybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc.
Dave Mendoza & Associates, Inc.

SixDegreesfromDave was conceived to evangelize Advanced Sourcing methodologies, social networking and Thought Leaders. This site promotes “Other” people. People to admire, to consult with on best practices, people well suited to doing the next Great, Big Thing in this Industry. David Sadler is that man,well suited to such an opt description of professionals who bring innovation and credibility to 21st Century Recruitment. Perhaps a VP or Executive at vibrant corporation reading this post wants to embrace that future with my friend, David Sadler?

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David Sadler
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About Our Friend, David Sadler

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I had the pleasure of being introduced to David Sadler as a Linkedin introduction from our mutual friend, Shally Steckerl. When Shally referred to David as a “Legend” in the industry, I picked up the phone at the peak of curiosity and found a new friend and peer I grew to admire over many in-depth conversations. I decided I would be remiss to keep his thought leadership conversations with keen observation of best practices to myself. I am compelled today to share a big name that is often behind the scenes and known as one of the quintessential Technologists in the Corporate Recruitment industry. Today we have David Sadler center stage and I ask that your leadership consider what he can do for your corporate staffing industry if you think big things and want to make things happen:

David Sadler has over 20 years of recruiting experience specializing in Staffing Programs, Ontology, Staff Development, Staffing Plans, Workforce Analysis, Workforce Management, Productivity Enhancement and Staffing Automation Solutions for large and startup companies. Dave’s management experience is focused on results driven success that ensures the consistent, efficient and productive operation of the recruiting service network. He has established and managed procedures, processes and systems that have led in the development of world class staffing organizations providing exceptional results.

Most recently, David served as Operational Recruiting Programs Manager at Oracle Corporation. He reported to the Vice President of Worldwide Recruiting to manage internal recruitment operational impact programs and deliver a worldwide deployment of IRIS – Oracle’s (Internal Recruitment Information System). David defined all internal recruitment processes, managed recruiting compliance of OFCCP regulations and served in a cross-functional liaison nexus to HR and Recruiting and IT to deliver impact technology for recruiting. Additional roles included responsibility for the worldwide internal deployment of iRecruit and Oracle’s in-house recruitment domain expert to customers at CAB (Customer Advisory Board Conferences) and customers. An additional snapshot of his contributions include the following companies:

  • Oracle Corporation – Group Manager of Worldwide Recruiting Programs
  • Recruiting Consultant:, PayByTouch, Activant Solutions, Opsware
  • SIEBEL Systems Inc. – Principal Executive Recruiter & Domain Expert to Product Marketing
  • Extensity Software – Senior Product Marketing Manager, Recruitment Solutions Product Division
  • SIEBEL Systems Inc. – Principal Executive & Worldwide Sales Recruiter
  • Netscape Communications, Senior Recruiter Worldwide Sales, Channels
  • Silicon Graphics Inc. Senior Recruiting Consultant
  • More specifically, David Sadler has over 20 years recruitment domain expertise in technology companies, 13 Years world-class Recruiting experience, 4 Years Staffing & Product Management and 5 Years of experience in implementation of HRIS Staffing automation systems. He has a broad, Cross-functional background (Recruiter, Staffing Manager, Product Manager, Engineer, Marketing Manager, Visionary and Trainer) with a unique ability to communicate with IT, Product Management and Engineering in a native language to translate recruitment business issue into viable and sustainable product deployments.

    David is capable of overseeing deployment life-cycle from conception to roll-out with an awareness of necessary support and learning technologies to ensure a timely and successful roll-out to as many as 60,000 users. He is widely viewed as a visionary and thought-leader that is capable of delivering presentations at the User Conference, Business Analyst, Product Strategy, Press Release and Executive Off-Site level.

    He is experienced in definition of all Recruitment Business Processes Models, Best Practices, Staffing Plans, Requirements Documentation, Technical Specifications and Project Management road maps. Above all, David Sadler has exceptional Operational practice of Talent supply chain & Six Sigma methodologies as well as personally adopting CRM and specifically Call Center success’s to recruiting.

    I have yet to meet anyone in the staffing industry with technical expertise in each of the areas noted:

    HR Systems: Oracle HR, PeopleSoft
    Recruiting Systems: iRecruitment, CBizSoft, Vurv, RecruitSoft, SkillSoft, Personic, iCAMS, Original PC user of Resumix, Pro-Search, Digital WorkForce, Sovren, Resume Mirror, HireAbility
    Sourcing Systems: InfoGist, BroadLook Eclipse & Dive, Talent Hook, Airs Oxygen, WebExtract, Gopher, Finger, Combing, Klebing, LinkedIn, InfoGist & Search Engine Sourcing Techniques (CyberSlueth – Job Machine Webinars),
    Data Base Technology: Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2008, Protégé, MySQL, Object Design, Cloudscape, DB2 and Sybase SQL Anywhere
    Process and Program Management Software: Visual Paradigm, Oracle BPEL, Omni Group Project Management, Microsoft Project, MindJet, Proquis, Six-Sigma Training, Rational Rose, IBM WebSphere, Sensational Software
    Programming Languages & Scripting: C#, Java, JavaScript, ASP, XML, XSLT, AJAX, UML, SQL, PL/SQL
    Development Environments: Visual Studio, J Developer, Altova, Stylus, Flash CS3, SilverStream, InfoScape

    I suspect I never will meet anyone as technically astute in such a wide range of technologies. David Sadler shall suffice as thee “Go-To-Person” for expert advice on the technical mechanics of staffing organisms. It is one of many reasons I join a long list of colleagues who think David Sadler is the next big thing this side of sliced bread and the invention of the internet.

    Recommendations For David Sadler

    “Like a strong undertow David’s voice has been a quiet yet eerily powerful current in the recruitment industry this past 20 years. You can see the mark he has left by following the success of the companies he has helped build. Take a close look at the dates when he was with those companies and you will realize that unlike many others who take credit after-the-fact for success which was nothing more than lucky timing, his influence is very real – a direct result of smarts and skill. His technical grasp is unequaled, as is his ability to relate complex information in a quick and simplified way, but it is his unique understanding for human behavior that makes him a most powerful weapon in the war for talent.” August 27, 2007
    Shally Steckerl, Chief CyberSleuth & Founder

    “David is the rarest of gems: the person who understands the technical, human, and financial triangle of business processes. David is terrific at conceiving a better way of doing things, and then creating and managing a process to create that better way. David can be very, very technical, while at the same time being able to understand, appreciate and communicate the human side and the value proposition. I highly recommend David for any role that needs a fresh look at ‘what, why and how’ — and that needs someone to then take charge and get the better vision implemented.” June 13, 2007

    Robert Ruff, President, Sovren Group, Inc.
    was a consultant or contractor to David at Oracle Corporation

    “I have known David Sadler for many years as a former manager, colleague, and business client. I want to emphasize I do not give this level of recommendation often or at this depth. He is incredibly talented in the Enterprise-Wide Staffing Solutions arena. He is one of the FEW people in the staffing / recruiting arena that has True Enterprise Vision and the ability to deliver solutions that have a deep & self-improving impact on an organization. Most recently I worked with directly with David on the training & implementation of an enterprise level staffing solution for Oracle. He was always a pleasure to work with and consistently delivered solutions that far exceeded the client objectives and allowed the organization to utilize best-of-breed technology while improving on existing systems. He also the most dynamic staffing professional I have ever worked with. He is highly respected in the industry by his peers & executive management. He is a dedicated and tireless professional that has an innate ability to improve any situation or challenge. Without hesitation I give David Sadler my highest recommendation on multiple levels!!!” June 12, 2007

    Matthew Hayner, Sr. Staffing Consultant, Oracle Corporation
    Executive Recruiting Consultant, e-Recruit Product Consultant, Siebel Systems, Inc.

    “David was with Oracle recruiting I recall when I first met him. At that time I was managing West region major accounts at Oracle- field license sales. During his tenure at Siebel , however, I dealt with David as a candidate- being recruited to run WW Sales Operations. David is a detail oriented, professional, articulate, networked recruiter. He is seasoned in every aspect of recruiting and has a long track record of success amongst candidates and amongst hiring management- of which I can attest to excellence in both arenas” August 4, 2007

    Veronica O’Shea, GM & VP Commercial Applications, Oracle USA, Inc.

    “I had the pleasure of working with David in the early days at Siebel Systems. David is one of the best recruiters that I have known in my 20+ years in recruiting. He is passionate, tenacious and very resourceful. As the Sales Recruiter for Siebel David did a phenomenal job of bringing in top talent to grow the sales team. David is an outstanding recruiter who knows how to deliver top talent to a growing organization.” August 9, 2007

    Howard Corley, Lead Recruiter, Professional Services, Siebel Systems, Inc.

    “David is the best overall search professional I have ever worked with. David not only drives incredible success metrics from his work ethic and contacts, but he has a vision of improving the search industry as a whole. That is a big statement and it will take knowing David for a while to see and understand that vision. I was also on the Board of Directors for Digital Workforce. David should be given the charter to redesign and automate your recruiting function. You can use him as a recruiter and he will be your top perfromer, but that would be under-utilizing what he is capable of. If you view recruiting as strategic to your company, you will work well with David.” August 2, 2007

    Michael Lodato, Senior Director, Strategic Accounts, Siebel Systems, Inc.

    “I first met David at Sybase where he was recruiting for sales and marketing professionals. He was one of the first recruiters I hired to work for me at Siebel. He led all the recruiting efforts for sales execs nation wide. David is an excellent recruiter and has built a significant database of contacts over the years. He was the earliest adopter of recruitment technology that I’ve known. He was extremely successful at Siebel and was a vital part of the recruiting team.” June 21, 2007

    Les Cundall, Staffing Manager, Siebel Systems

    “I worked with David at Siebel and then much later when we were both at Oracle. David is the best sales recruiter I have ever worked or met. Siebel at that time started to double in terms of headcount every quarter and it took awhile to bring on more recruiters so the recruiters were really stretched. David was the sole sales recruiter. David stepped up and brought in the best talent and that helped Siebel become the success it was at that time. He is a natural sales recruiter and he looks and dresses just like a salesperson. Based in part on David, I have come to the conclusion that the best recruiters look and act just like the people they recruit. David is great.” June 19, 2007

    Perry Brunner, Recruiter, Siebel

    “Worked very successfully with David and found him to be persistent, creative and effective at finding the right people for the positions he was responsible for. While he now works in a different area, I am sure he has taken the same qualities with him and will continue to be an effective contributor.” June 19, 2007

    David Law, Senior Recruiter, Sybase

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    4 Responses to “MEET DAVID SADLER, Bay Area Staffing Thought Leader & Technologist”

    1. on August 27th, 2007 2:07 am

      MEET DAVID SADLER, Bay Area Staffing Thought Leader & Technologist…

    2. Ray Towle on August 27th, 2007 8:19 am


      It is hard not to be impressed.

      Based upon David’s exceptional technical and process expertise, I’d like to know about the Technical Integration of 1) Contact Management Systems, 2) Applicant Tracking Systems, (ATS) 3) Recruiting Systems or Software, 4) Customer Relations Management (CRM) including the internal analytics, (if this not already included), and either 5) Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS).

      What systems integrate that data now. How well do they do it? And . . . IF nobody integrates this data yet, in your opinion, why not?


      Ray Towle

    3. warren sadler on March 18th, 2008 10:41 am

      Are you the David Sadler seeking information about Sadlers Dairy in Santa Cruz, Calif.? If so, I have some info.

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