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MEET JAMES DURBIN: Durbin Media Group – Durbin, James Durbin

Posted on February 22, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Partner, JobMachine and Master Cybersleuth

Hi name is Durbin, James Durbin

Meet James Durbin, at Durbin Media Group.James is one of the leading maestro’s of our space who have significantly contributed to elevating the chorus of Social Media as an intricate component of staffing strategy.

For those who frequent, he’s a well established entity, and for those who’ve heard his praises and seen his contributions among varied sites, each with their own niche and character, I apologize. For readers of “Six Degrees From Dave” who stumbled through this doorway on the way to your three meetings a day, your water cooler chats, and scheduling more meetings however, take a seat and meet our friend “Jim.” You can learn a lot from Jimmy Durbin, he is always on the cusp of the next “next” new thing. Humorously enough, Jim is the only guy to remind you a technique is no longer cutting edge with quips like “Dude – blogroll link trade-offs are so 2004!”

I seriously suspect this cool cat has a basement door to his time machine, hums a tune reading about moon base alpha, then reviews articles to comment with learned quips, and then comes back, logs in and retrieves info online and mumbles, man this is so 2015!

Okay, okay, you get it, he is cool, he’s hip to the latest technology trends effecting social media, but now that I made that correct characterization clear, you want to know more about Durbin MediaGroup. It’s an interactive marketing firm specializing in connecting clients to customers. Their major areas of focus are web design, new media consulting and promotional campaigns that integrate online strategies with your traditional marketing channels. Their creative team specializes in simple, clean design, balancing form and function in creating marketing tools that engage and interest your current and potential customers.

What differentiates Durbin Media Group (DMG) from the noise of other consulting firms with media offerings is the strength of its market research team. DMG which provides detailed competitive intelligence, brand analysis, and promotional campaigns designed to nurture online communities through the use of blogs, user groups, online monitoring and social networking – this is the James Bond, Ocean’s 11 & 12 stuff they do.

The Jamester recently set the record straight on belated and generalized blog information in his usual dignified manner. Reading the comments, I could count on Durbin to give us the latest stats, kinda like a doomsday clock, but one with cheer. “As of early 2006, I had over 300 recruiting blogs I read (Jim reads a lot you see) – and the number has been exploding since then.”

Wow 300. Color me impressed. I wish I read that many, but my wife would kill me, with all the turns I need to take with the baby and all. Oh the fact there are over 300 RECRUITMENT blogs is also exceptionally impressive.

“But why do I care Dave?” you may ask. (If you ask that question, go to Papa Sumser to be lectured)

If you are a recruiter, and you want to say schmancy schtuff during your next interview or be rather erudite in the next staffing meeting, you need to know learn the basics and the advanced from industry leaders such as Jimmy Dean Durbin. I mean, did you REALLY know there were “hundreds of corporate blogs that have been started for employment purposes.” (??)

It’s okay, don’t be embarrassed, few in brick and mortar industries has embraced the social medium phenomenon, but today is a good start, know that I introduced you to James Durbin.

Grab your frappachino and read with earnest, the play by play so to speak:

“There are 60 million blogs worldwide, 12 million in the US, all updated at least once a week – and this doesn’t include MySpace.”

“There are software blogs, HR blogs, recruiting blogs, employment blogs, local recruiting blogs, blog portals, and, recruitment marketing blogs, staffing sales blogs, ATS blogs, and those are just the ones in my RSS reader.”

So what makes them good? Jimmy D will tell you the secret, come closer.


“They are varied. Some are long – some are short. Some summarize what’s going on in the world of online employment, some provide in-depth reporting by industry experts. Some mock columnists, and some suck up to columnists for the links. The variety is what makes them good.”

Ah Variety, yes I agree that is key. Each blog author has their own flavor, each site its own ambiance, and some (?) people like our friend, James Durbin, has a bunch of them.

And those are just the ones he writes on regularly. (I for one like

I was going to start “” but luckily Jim steered me right. “too much bling bling” he told me (indeed, he exclaimed).

James Durbin has a cool “dude” tone of voice, so when he says, “What may work for you, may bore a line recruiter silly. What seems like wasteful dribble to you, may seem cute and entertaining to an HR generalist.” You know he isn’t patronizing you. He encourages recruiters and industry leaders to consider their own list of favorite blog reads. The bookmarks or GoogleReader list you develop, may indeed, have some great names on it – in fact, he would remind you that “… they tend to be people who write well, have good experience, are respected by their community and analyze the industry from a clinical standpoint.” Should you consider joining the recruitment blogosphere, find your own voice, – you may end up surprising yourself on how different your style and content are from those you deem to be your daily favorite reads.

As James would remind us all, Recruitment Blogs has become only a part of the larger conversation that is spilling out past sober assessments of the employment world and digging into the nitty gritty of hiring. A long list is developing and new voices are joining daily it seems with fresh perspectives, but I join Jim in reminding everyone, that, has spearheaded serious discussion of talent blogs as the leading portal for all recruitment blogs. It’s become a one-stop destination for my daily reads and perusals. Jim is a bit partial of course, on the cusp of all that is cutting edge, he’s a team member/ contributor to

I kinda think of as that place that keeps you updated on industry trends, the kind you wish your Mamma could have logged on to in the 1980’s to know that helmet haircuts, wide open shirts and chains and bell bottoms were no longer hip or attractive. For those who still where bell bottoms and are male, well, what I am trying to say is that at least your staffing terminologies and understanding of technology trends effecting the industry will be up-to-date – To each his/her own.

Write a column, check your facts, or Jim may burst your bubble that you wrote a great column, ** If had been written in 2004 – but Jim would tell you, nice guy that he is, “that’s okay – the blogosphere moves so fast that we are often all left behind.” Jim makes you feel better knowing he didn’t figure out how to embed video until November!

Remember, he was born JD before there was Jay Dee. 🙂

Part Uno of Deux Parts


7 Responses to “MEET JAMES DURBIN: Durbin Media Group – Durbin, James Durbin”

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  3. Restaurant Jobs on February 22nd, 2007 3:52 pm

    Hey Dave, I was lucky enough to meet Jim by phone last week. He is a very nice guy. Smart and funny. I’m looking forward to getting to know him better on working on some projects together. Thanks for providing some additional info. -Carl

  4. Jason Alba on February 22nd, 2007 5:29 pm

    I’ve followed Jim’s stuff (didn’t realize how many blogs he wrote for), and have always had a lot of respect for him. I’ve even exchanged a couple of e-mails a few times and regard him as one of the coolest guys that I’ve rubbed shoulders with.

    Now I get to put his picture into JibberJobber!!

  5. MN Headhunter on February 22nd, 2007 11:14 pm

    You picked a great guy to write about. I quite literally owe most of my blogging knowledge to Jim.

    It is also Jim who “found” me in the summer of 2005 as I was aimlessly wandering around the sands of the blogosphere. He brought me to the water of

    The awesome team at Durbin Media built the new design of my blog in ’06.

    Jim Durbin, top notch guy.

  6. The Recruiting Animal on February 23rd, 2007 8:07 pm

    St J Blogger…

    Bull Doza worships at St Jimmy’s altar. My name is St Jimmy Don’t wear it out I’m the suicide commando that your momma talked about King of forty thieves I’m here to represent The needle in the arm of the establishment – Green Day, St Jimmy Back in…

  7. Steven Rothberg, on February 23rd, 2007 9:13 pm

    Jim is the best thing to come out of Saint Louis since Louis & Clark.