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HIRE Jason Gorham – A Contract Recruiter Providing Technological Innovation For Recruiters By Recruiters

Posted on August 21, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc.

SPOTLIGHT ON RECRUITER SUPERSTARS: This week at I’ll be featuring recruiters who have made an impact in the community, with technical expertise, organizational efficiency and by their reputation, raised the level of ethics and professionalism to our industry.

Meet my friend Jason Gorham, a contract recruiter, staffing industry entrepreneur, and innovator who has always acted selflessly to benefit recruiters with a unique value-added proposition for his clients. Jason is a recruiter who understands the ever growing importance of search engine optimization (SEO) to promote the overall employment brand and, more specifically attract niche talent. He blends recruitment savvy with one of the most comprehensive understandings of SEO in the staffing industry.

Jason views the opening of a job req strategically with a broader overview of steps to produce a long term plan for pipeline than what hiring managers have traditionally become accustomed to. Jason has been intricately involved in designing all marketing and media kit information pertaining to job board; Reviewed, tested and selected affiliate marketing program; created a comprehensive marketing program which has included affiliate emails, banners, and most impressive above all – Jason has developed a sustained and comprehensive search engine optimization of all sites associated in the hiring effort – including 14 blogs to get top placement in organic search results in search engines. Jason Gorham’s talent in the creation, maintenance, and ongoing development of fourteen online job blogs allowed job seekers to post pertinent information regarding their job history to secure new employment and gained prominent media exposure, including Interviews with Business Week Online,, and Career Journal.

Jason is not only a colleague Shally and I call a friend, he is a friend to the recruitment industry as evidenced by his personal sacrifice and tenacity to demand more from today’s existing technological resources and to break through its barriers.

Jason is a sourcer who understands the value of passive talent, the value of advanced sourcing methods and the importance of acquiring and retrofitting new and existing technologies to provide customized solutions to existing staffing challenges. More importantly, Jason is esteemed due to his consistent embrace of the sourcer’s passion for knowledge sharing. He has trained recruiters on sourcing sites, tools and techniques and sourcing methodology. He has sourced technical requirements and advised on sourcing tools and techniques that would be beneficial to utilize to find passive candidates. Jason has likewise conducted competitive intelligence and researched niche job posting sites.

It so happens that Jason Gorham is available to take on additional clients and discuss other contract recruitment opportunities. You would be well served by someone so admired at and someone Shally and I consider a trusted professional colleague and friend. With Jason Gorham you get innovation in addition to an accomplished recruiter.

Jason works from his Home Office in Florida and is tirelessly working into the late night and weekends to meet his client’s hiring demands and exceed them.

I highly recommend you give Jason a call at (561) 827-4793 and/or email him if you need a top notch contract recruiter. I am taking the liberty of providing his direct contact information.

Recommendations For Jason

I am among the company of many who share this universal admiration for Jason Gorham.

“Jason is a brilliant technologist and empassioned recruiter. His superior sourcing abilities set him apart from recruiters complacent with “post and pray” methods. Expect Jason to be humble and honest but also tenacious in everything he does. Cut from sturdy stock this is one researcher I would always welcome into my team.” August 3, 2007

Shally Steckerl, Chief CyberSleuth & Founder (Talent Acquisition Consultant), JobMachine, Inc,

“Jason’s cutting-edge, patented “Push Posting” enhances talent audience reach in a kick ass cost effective and efficient manner. It offers measurable metrics; tracked keyword clicks, and conversions. A recruiter by training, he is a strategic leader & blog enthusiast offering toolsets we can relate to and benefit from. I enthusiastically recommend his Services, his Wit and Friendship” May 24, 2006

Dave Mendoza, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine, Inc.

“We’ve utilized Jason Gorham’s for several requirements and have been extremely pleased with the results. Jason Gorham will work with you personally to understand your needs and deliver solutions. positively impacted our recruiting metrics. Thanks Jason

Dennis Smith (

“Jason did an excellent job in supporting a hiring initiative for us. Their ability to respond and deliver was very good. Jason validated the information and then supplied ample quality candidates that helped fulfill the requirements while also developing a pipeline for potential future hiring. We were pleased with Careermetasearch’s results.” February 16, 2005
Andy Newman

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