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Meet Keith Molesworth, Staffing Channels Manager at Intel

Posted on May 18, 2011
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“The very first word that comes to my mind every time I hear Keith’s name is “FourSquare”, for his constant need and desire to check in every place we go! I’ve known Keith though for many years and he is an awesome resource for Intel and one we are happy to have held on to for so long! He is ALWAYS the guy I go to when I need a vendor “negotiated” and my regular sounding board when considering new tools/technologies in the recruitment space. Recently I had the privilege of speaking with him at #ERE Expo 2011 and I’m never anything less than impressed by his professionalism and knowledge of his business.”
Tiffany Peery, Virtual & Marketing Program Manager –
Intel US College Recruitment & Internship Programs

• Keith Molesworth, Staffing Channels Manager at Intel
• Phoenix, AZ
Linkedin Profile
Twitter Profile 1: & Profile 2
• Personal Causes: Kiva, Mercy Corps, United Food Bank
• Phone: (480) 723-7718
ERE Expo Slide Presentation: “Social Media Strategy Secret Sauce: How Intel Makes Data-driven Decisions”

Career Highlights:
• Staffing Channels Manager at Intel
• Business Analyst Business Analyst – Global Staffing at Intel
• Vendor Management – Global Staffing – Business Analyst at Intel
• Program Manager, Employee Referral Prog /Staffing Vendor Management at Intel

Q&A with Keith Molesworth

You’re tweeting, you’re sourcing on LinkedIn, and you just hit the 1,000 fans mark on your Facebook page. Now what? How are you measuring your presence and success in the social media arena and what are you doing to optimize? These are the questions Intel asked itself not too long ago. Conference attendees at ERE Expo Spring 2011 were treated with a peek behind the curtain at Intel. Keith Molesworth, along with fellow co-presenters at Intel outlined “Social Media Strategy Secret Sauce: How Intel Makes Data-driven Decisions.” Their presentation shared the story of how their corporate Talent Acquisition organization empowers its employees to engage in social conversations to market its products, amplify its employment brand, and source great talent. I had the pleasure of observing and learning from Intel as they detailed what social channels it is using in the U.S. and globally, how it is engaging with candidates, and a deep dive into the data and results they’ve developed as a team.

I had the opportunity to sit across, break bread and discuss talent engagement strategies one-on-one with both Keith Molesworth and Intel’s Recruitment Marketing Program Manager, Allen Stephens at a dinner hosted by Jobs2Web recently. Beyond Keith’s gregarious sense of humor, is a genuine passion for innovation and collective teamwork. How could I possibly not meet Keith and not ask him to share his insights with our audience at Sixdegrees? It is a pleasure to introduce both his insights and his expertise with you today!

Six Degrees: Tell us of your home world.

Keith: I’ve been with Katherine for about 4 years now. I have more fun with her than I have with any other person I’ve ever known. She’s my best friend and I feel lucky every day. I have two awesome boys from my first marriage, they’re 13 and 10 and they keep me really busy with the usual sports running around. My oldest loves football, it’s his thing. He’s the kind of football fan that watches College Spring games on ESPN. My younger son is more of a baseball kid. Living in Arizona allows us to spend lots of time playing sports – except in the summer when we lay low (and inside). I don’t have any pets, but I pet-sit for friends often enough to remind me why I don’t have them.

I used to volunteer at an ESL program, but it’s been a while since I’ve been able to make that happen. Fortunately, Intel not only supports but encourages volunteerism so I’m able to volunteer at my sons’ school and Intel even matches that time with donations to the school. Also, Intel offers a bunch of group volunteering activities in which I participate. In recent years we’ve donated our efforts to a food bank and a local Hospice. I don’t have as many cool hobbies and pastimes as I did when I younger, as I mentioned much of my time is spent running kids to practices and games and of course work. When not doing that I enjoy watching movies from Netflix, mostly documentaries and dramas, of course I love comedy too. My Netflix queue has a couple of hundred movies in it, so, like my DVR, it taunts me. Also love reading and I subscribe to way too many magazines. I Enjoy reading non-fiction but growing up was a huge Steinbeck fan, in fact I’ve read everything he wrote. Lately I’ve become a fan of more “modern” fiction like Roth, DeLillo and Colum McCann. The one hobby I still try to fit in is Genealogy I think because it combines my interest in research and history and, of course, family. I traced a few lines back as far as 1650. I know that my relatives come from England, Wales, Germany, what is now Hungary and the Czech Republic.

As I mentioned above, my kids play a lot of sports and I love photography so I have hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of the boys playing football, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. At a very early stage in my academic career I was a Photography major, but once photography became about assignments and homework it stopped being fun. I take lots of photos now of things that interest me.

Six Degrees: How many years have you been in the staffing industry?

Keith: I started out working in Staffing after Grad school (Go Ducks) and a short stint at a VERY small software company (4 employees small). I joined Volt as a recruiter about 14 years ago in Seattle. I worked for Volt and another agency in Portland before I was hired at Intel as a contract recruiter. I’ve had a bunch of jobs at Intel since 99 but all of them in the Staffing organization. Everything from Recruiter and Staffing Consultant to Business Analyst and Vendor Manager. Today, I’m Global Channels Manager and I also oversee the Global Employee Referral Program.

Six Degrees: How did you get started in the staffing industry?

Keith: I kinda stumbled into recruiting. After I finished grad school with a Masters in Industrial Relations I had a tough time finding an HR job. My first job (after temping for a few months at Sears in Eugene…is there anything more depressing than taking that freshly minted Masters degree and making about $7/hour putting together store displays?) was working for a small Software Company in Portland. We didn’t do much recruiting, but I did a little bit of everything else from training new clients, telephone support and payroll taxes. After a while there, we got transferred to Washington State and that’s when I got the job with Volt. Initially, I worked in their South Seattle IT branch, then the onsite recruiter for Weyerhaeuser. The program manager and I shared an office next to the photo lab in what could likely be considered the basement. After about a year, we were transferred back to Oregon and I moved to the Portland IT branch. I did a short stint at another agency in Beaverton, and in Dec 1999 was hired as a Contract recruiter at Intel. It’s been a while since I was actually working as a recruiter. As I mentioned for the past 6-7 years I’ve been outside the more operational parts of Recruiting, supporting those who do the recruiting with implementations and improvements to tools and business processes.

Six Degrees: What single event had the most impact on your sourcing/recruiting career?

Keith: Because I fell into recruiting part by accident and part by necessity when we moved, I’d say the most impactful event was being hired by Volt back in 1997. In fact, I still keep in regular contact with the manager who hired me in the Seattle office.

Six Degrees: Do you have a mentor to whom you attribute your overall outlook on recruitment, capabilities, and/or model your career after?

Keith: I have had a number of people whose vision and outlook on recruiting have shaped how I think. Fortunately, I still work with a number of them at Intel on a regular basis. There are also other recruiters that I’ve worked with over the years whose opinion I still value and I connect with them whenever I need advice.

Six Degrees: Tell us about your role as Channels Manager and ERP manager for Intel

Keith: I work with our channels vendors (job boards and social media outlets) and oversee a couple of teams comprised of regional owners in those areas. I work very closely with Allen Stephens and his team who own Employer Marketing and Branding. We recently created a dashboard for Intel to measure the performance of our channels, this has been instrumental in helping decide where to invest and disinvest in channels and it also helps Staffing build credibility with hiring manager as we build out sourcing plans using this data. We’re still looking at adding new functionality to the dashboard including some level of predictive intelligence. That’s still in the works.

I’m also heading up the effort to re-ignite our ERP program and looking at new ways to improve it. Finally, I’m driving an effort and coordinating with a number of stakeholders and partners in Staffing, Communications and IT to build out our Mobile recruiting roadmap.

Six Degrees: What other companies’ recruiting operations do you admire or have heard are best-practice examples?

Keith: In our channels and marketing and branding space we pay attention to companies like Deloitte, AT&T, Sodexho, PepsiCo and Microsoft, but we’re not limited to just a few companies. We try to pay attention to ANYONE who is doing anything interested and innovative in the recruitment space.

Six Degrees: What recent general news story or industry trend do you feel will have an impact on your work in the future? Why?

Keith: Two things, and no great insight here, but Social Media and Small Form Factor devices will have a big impact on how we all do our jobs.

Six Degrees: Tell us about your broader involvement within the staffing industry:

Keith: Recently we stepped with our efforts to talk about what Intel is doing in the recruitment space. Personally, I’ve been on a panel at HCI last year and just recently Allen Stephens, Tiffany Peery and I spoke at ERE in San Diego. Other members of our team have spoke about Social Media and recruitment.

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