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Posted on March 15, 2006
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By Dave Mendoza, Strategic Tools & Sourcing Management Consultant and JobMachine, Inc. Partner.
I first heard about a software dear to my heart from Shally Steckerl, Manager Research at Micosoft and Founder of JobMachine Inc. Since that time, I’ve been utilizing one of the better kept secret in recruiting technology for the last two years and it’s time to sing its praises.

Ron Crompton is Vice President and Co-Founder of Intelligent Algorithms, makers of Internet productivity search software under the trademark name infoGISTâ„¢.

Crompton entered the information industry in 1982 when he joined Lexis-Nexis. Obviously, he has seen a lot of changes during the past 25 years – especially the advent of Internet-based applications around 1996. Before the Internet revolutionized the Information industry, online information vendors would collect, standardize and store information, and then make it accessible to their end users through a proprietary user interface.

But the Internet broke that mold Crompton said. The complexity of the Internet placed the burden on the user to find relevant sites, figure out how to search each site, and combine information from multiple sites. The process was less efficient, extremely time-consuming, and lacked many of the features available in earlier information. Intelligent Algorithms was created to fill this void. And, with the proliferation of job boards in the mid to late 90’s, it made perfect sense for IA to focus on the recruiting industry.

WHAT IS infoGISTâ„¢?
If you ask Crompton, he will tell you that Platinum Recruiter is an Internet recruiting productivity application that allows users to quickly find relevant resumes from hundreds of Internet sites in a fraction of the time it would take using your Internet browser. In fact, he recently received an email from a customer who, after using the product for 30 days, reduced the amount to time they were spending on sourcing from 3 days to one hour.

If you ask Dan Hilbert at Valero Energy, he will tell you how infoGISTâ„¢ is one of several components he uses to achieve industry leading recruiting metrics that have been documented on ERE. Using search agents to monitor job boards is a key feature to his success.

In July, 2006, infoGISTâ„¢ released a new product called Platinum Recruiter that replaced the family of Resume infoFinder products. Crompton said their main focus was to improve the user interface with easier navigation and an emphasis on results management. Examples of results management are Search Manager and Smart Retrieve. The Search Manager feature allows you to organize results around saved searches and setup search agents while the Smart Retrieve feature alerts you to resumes retrieved in prior search sessions without needlessly retrieving the resume a second time. Since most subscription-based sites are on pay-per-view models, Crompton said Smart Retrieve helps users avoid paying for the same resume a second time.


Platinum Recruiter is a Windows-web application so it installs and runs on your desktop. It comes pre-loaded with nearly 800 Internet sites, both free and subscription-based sites like Monster, Dice and CareerBuilder. The recruiter’s usernames, passwords, and resumes are all kept securely on the local PC, and no documents are stored on in-between servers – an industry exclusive. You can also search resumes on your hard drive or on a LAN-connected PC – even your resumes in popular Applicant Tracking Systems.

Platinum Recruiter’s simple and powerful Boolean-based search language makes it easy to build a precise query. After you initiate a search, Platinum Recruiter will translate and submit your search to hundreds of the best resume sites on the web. Platinum Recruiter retrieves and analyzes each resume and assigns a real-time relevancy score. Within seconds, you begin viewing resumes that best match your search criteria. Platinum Recruiter shows you a “cleaned-up” version of the resume and highlights your key terms – including fuzzy matches. You can even narrow your search using different search criteria without re-visiting the web.

Platinum Recruiter also integrates your answer set with desktop, enterprise and web applications. You can create email message templates and send batch emails to all candidates that meet your criteria in just a few mouse clicks and import and export your contact email addresses between Platinum Recruiter and other mailing systems. Platinum Recruiter not only lets you search many leading Applicant Tracking Systems for candidates, it also lets you export resumes into your ATS by file, direct web access, or email.

Platinum Recruiter also provides comprehensive logging to help you maintain compliance with The Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

Recruiters who are interested in taking advantage of Platinum Recruiter can register to download the software at: Once you register, you can take advantage of a complimentary training session and use the fully-functional product for free for 7 days.

If you want my vantage point on how its served my sourcing needs, I am happy to oblige.

You can also contact Ron Crompton by email here. Tell him “El Dave” sent ya!

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