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Meet Susan Kang Nam: “How Does She Do It?” Part 2

Posted on October 5, 2008
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By Dave Mendoza, Partner, Partner JobMachine Inc. Profile
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Six Degrees: What is the source of your “LOWEST COST OF HIRES” at your present employer?

Susan: I would have to say via referral.

Six Degrees: What talent niche groups do you target and are these particular talent areas specialized under your review?

Susan: for career exploration – I would have to say specific Ning sites, along with FB and Linkedin ; for candidate searches.

Six Degrees: What types of training in sourcing/recruitment are available to you and have you taken advantage of?

Susan: many webinars via, Shally Steckeryl’s cheat sheets (recruiters, linkedin, etc), as well as many other online site information. Very interested in AIRS training – have heard of them while at Harvard – however I am not able to fund the training at this time. Other interests – attending ERE, OnRec, Kennedy, SHRM, NEHRA near future

Six Degrees: What recruitment software tools do you use in your day to day recruitment activities & do they translate effectively within all of the different countries where you recruit?

Susan: Currently none however I am interested in learning about the best practices using these recruitment software tools

Six Degrees: What tools (technology or old school file folder, for example) did you first encounter early in your recruitment career?

Susan: Peoplesoft, excel, among others.

Six Degrees: How did your expectations of being a recruiter compare to the actual, first time you got on the phone or in the cubicle? In your opinion, how do people’s assumptions about our vocation differ from reality?

Susan: People’s assumptions about the recruiting industry is far different from reality however it all depends on the industry per se. I choose not to explore this question further at this time. However, very interested in exploring transforming, brain storm ideas to change “such” perception.

Six Degrees: Worst mistake, biggest goof, lousiest practice you thought would fly but didn’t…and how that was a learning experience?

Susan: LOL.. so many, where do I start? Exploring the industry in real life however not being “noticed” due to paying respect with honor, and yet perceived as not having confidence? That was very surprising – cultural difference

Six Degrees: How do you personally expect to facilitate change within our industry, and/or at your place of work? If you started that process, outline the problem, your solutions, and the vision.

Susan: Problem – way too Sales approach – we need provide more customer service, catering to passive and active candidates – Vision – building relationships first and work on the professional brand along with career coaching approach. I do realize there is a strong differences and priorities from Corporate vs. Third-party however there has to be some avenue for building the relationship rather than focus primarily on billing.

Six Degrees: “Best practice” you are most proud of developing (now or in the past) in your recruiting career?

Susan: Still exploring and inquiring about “Best Practices” Open to discussion and look forward to developing near future:

Six Degrees: What are some of the frustrating aspects/obstacles to your day to day as a staffing professional and in general?

Susan: Those who only look into recruiting to make “quick” $$ without proper training

Six Degrees: What are the most common themes of strategic and/or tactical mishaps involving past or present HR/Staffing org?

Susan: Not following up with talented passive or active candidates in “timely” manner, not answering the phone.

Six Degrees: Considering all of the frustrations you have experienced in your career as a recruiter, — what inspires you as you continue in your career?

Susan: Positive, practical & transformational leaders inspire me.

Six Degrees: What one thing do you ideally hope to accomplish in 2008?

Susan: Prioritize health, surround myself with positive, energetic, charismatic & “fun” friends and continue to seek for happiness. Professionally, continue to explore social media & recruiting industry. Ideally find a home to put my efforts and resources 110% end of 2008/beginning of 2009

Six Degrees: Anything you want to plug?

Susan: I value community building (both online and in real life) organizations. I find social media as a strong foundation to create that unforeseen opportunity to grow and learn from one another.

Six Degrees: How Are You Going To Change The Recruitment Industry?

Susan: By empowering one person, one professional at a time

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