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MEGA Linkedin Networking Day: Over 14,000 Connections – Thank You!

Posted on March 10, 2008
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, an Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc.
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Last week I hit 14,000 connections on Linkedin.

I am stating it not to boast – I sincerely want to mark the occasion to publicly thank everyone who has connected with me AND for those new to this site, I am extending an Open Invite to send me a direct invitation to connect and network on Linkedin.

I thought Glenn Gutmacher put it best, that I have been fortunate to stand “… on the shoulders of giants” and certainly, this would be an opt description for Shally Steckerl and Glenn. I live and breathe social networking and an hour doesn’t go by that I am not logged into my Linkedin account availing myself to fellow colleagues and varied passive talent groups.

To be a recruiter and not actively utilizing Linkedin as part of your daily resources is to proceed into the War for Talent unarmed. I encourage all of my colleagues to embrace networking by first and foremost reaching out to your fellow colleagues who sit next to you, across the nation and globally to share best practices and to mutually benefit from 2nd and 3rd degrees of inclusion.

If you and I are not connected directly as of yet, I encourage you to feel free to send me a direct invite on Linkedin today. It’s Simple: Click the Green Button “Add Connections” on the Top Right of your Linkedin Homepage, insert my first Name, Last Name and my email, and insert your personalized Text and SEND.

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Today, I also extend an Open Invite to join over
5,000 staffing professionals at the Official “SixDegrees” Linkedin Group. The Group’s purpose is to Here’s the link to join:

Eligibility: Be a practicing Staffing Professional

The Goals of this Group:

* “A Staffing professional social networking group which values the development of building Passive Talent Relationships as a means of enhancing Best Practices, Meeting Pipeline demands, and building value in community. Let’s Build ideas in the Web 2.0 arsenal in the War for Talent”


* Regular “Top Ten” Open Networkers Weekly Updates – listing contributors to Industry Thought Leadership
* Ability to “People Search” among fellow members
* Avoid using InMail credits, in favor of an Introduction among fellow members
* Accelerate careers/business through referrals from fellow Group members
* Know more than a name – view rich professional profiles from fellow enthusiasts of “Passive Talent Relationships”
* Avail yourself to detailed feature articles on fellow recruiters/talent thought leaders who are making an impact on the front lines and in the speaking circuit

Also Join world renown, Shally Steckerl’s “CyberSleuthing” LinkedIn Group,

REACH OUT: Thought Leaders & Power Connectors

I’ve taken the liberty to likewise strongly encourage you to reach out and network with my colleagues:

** Shally Steckerl, his email:
** Glenn Gutmacher, his email:

Both Shally & Glenn are also open networkers, friends and my “inner circle” of sourcing gurus.


Today is MEGA SixDegrees Linkedin Networking Day. We celebrate my new benchmark, TOGETHER. I encourage you to network with fellow friends of the 5,000 member Six Degrees Group and staffing industry leaders I admire and who have brought value to peers.

How? Simply Click the “Add Connections” and insert each of the following names and email addresses:(You may also add them to a CSV file and Upload within Linkedin) HERE

SPECIAL MENTIONS: Friends of SixDegrees Group

* Heather Gardner,
* Marni Sampair, Email:
* Lisa Rokusek, Email:
* Ian Miller, Email:
* Kim Larotonda Email:
* Connie Poll, Email:
* Brent Rogers, Email:
* Molly Griffin,

Staffing Industry Leaders

* Amy Richman, Email:
* Vincent Wright, Email:
* Marc Freedman, Email:
* Mark Berger, Email:
* Krista Bradford, Email:
* Suzy Tonini, Email:
* Chris Gould, Email:
* Stan Relihan, Email:
* Sean Rehder, Email:
* Susan Burns, Email:
* Doug Geinzer, Email:
* Jason Davis, Email:
* John Sumser,
* Don Ramer, Email:
* Hank Stringer, Email:
* Anna Brekka,
* Amybeth Hale, Email:
* Carl Chapman, Email:
* Eric Jaquith, Email:
* Jason Gorham, Email:
* Mark O’Connor, Email:
* Maureen Sharib, Email:
* Michael Kelemen, Email:
* Tim O’Connor, Email:
* Jennifer Candee, Email:
* Todd Humes,
* JC Temple, Email:
* Patricia Haley, Email:

As my colleagues would profess, there is value in sharing our contacts on LinkedIn. Here’s one of Shally’s famous articles written on LinkedIn if you are interested:

“Becoming A Promiscuous Linker on Linkedin“: Click Here to Find out how!

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One Response to “MEGA Linkedin Networking Day: Over 14,000 Connections – Thank You!”

  1. Jon Sarn on March 11th, 2008 8:17 am


    Thanks for this – it is awesome. As I have told several of the people, the most popular game, six degrees from Kevin Bacon will soon be changed to 5 degrees from Dave Mendoza.