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Monster & ZoomInfo On “Bloggers’ Influence Upon the Recruitment Industry”

Posted on March 1, 2007
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Voices from the Recruitment Blogosphere

By Dave Mendoza, Partner, JobMachine & Master Cybersleuth

As part of my continuing series featuring voices from the recruitment industry and blogosphere, specifically, I had the good fortune of receiving perspectives on the Influence of Recruitment Blogs by recruitment technology vendors, Monster and ZoomInfo. I am grateful for their active participation on this important topic, as we review how far blogs have come and how much more potential for empowerment is possible within the blog community.

Vice President Alliances, Monster

1) What substantive examples exist where blogs have influenced the products vendors develop, or the way products are marketed?

“Blogs are at early stages, but I fully expect Blogger influence to increase over time.”

2) What instances would you suggest are instructive in terms of the power of viral marketing where recruitment blogs have played a major role? –

“I do think the Recruiting Bloggers are creating buzz in the industry. Therefore, it is smart for vendors to reach out to the Bloggers to leverage these viral marketing opportunities.”

ZoomInfo, Vice President of Products & Marketing

Bloggers have had a positive impact on our marketing reach, but more importantly they’ve also provided critical user feedback during our beta testings. For example, in late-Oct. 2006 we released the last beta to what is now PowerSearch 2007. We were able to give several key bloggers access to the beta, and they shared their feedback — some good, some critical. Bloggers are largely very honest and, as a group, have a mentality built around the larger good. So often they’re can be the most critical of certain features, but they also give us great insight into the usability of our product. And, once we’ve addressed any concerns they may have flagged, those same bloggers become our most vocal cheerleaders.

At the same time, some of our best coverage comes from the blogosphere, particularly in the recruiting world. Blogging is such a rich medium because it gives the ability for anyone with deep knowledge about a space to become a well known expert and influencer. Influencers have always been critical to the success of good products because they have credibility; they drive success in industries, so as important influencers in the recruiting industry, bloggers are critically important. In fact, many bloggers found ZoomInfo because of another recruiter’s recommendation or blog. Jason Davis, Dave Mendoza, Recruiting Animal and Shally Steckerl are great examples – in total, they have sent many dozens to ZoomInfo through their passion for our product.

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NOTE: I invite other recruitment technology vendors to provide their own perspectives on whether Recruitment blogs play a role in your marketing strategies and product development.


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