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My Published White Paper – Futurecasting: When Big Data, Social Data API & CRM come together, what will be the impact on Fortune 500 Hiring?

Posted on April 3, 2013
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When Big Data, Social Data API and CRM come together, what will be the impact on Fortune 500 Hiring?

Working with leading talent strategy consultant Dave Mendoza, Futurestep published a new report into “Futurecasting” – the high-impact concept that could transform the business of recruiting. Currently, most organizations are only scratching the surface when it comes to making sense of the huge quantities of data that now exist about billions of potential job candidates across the globe. But the right enhancements to Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) platforms – and crucially to the way they are actually used – could see the talent industry finally start to match the huge strides achieved by leading proponents in sales and marketing.

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Special Recognitions Stated Publicly

  • Above all my appreciation for Futurestep’s shared vision and recognition of the game changing concepts elaborated upon within this white paper. Futurestep‘s sponsorship heightened the recognition of this talent paradigm as a critical field of research to be shared with the industry. The team at Futurestep consistently displayed the virtues that make them a leading global RPO organization. Thank you to the support of their team; i.e., Neil Griffiths, Julie Griffouliere, Marisa Kacary, Sean Kent, and Kevin Skinner
  • To the team at AvatureCRM, and to their CEO, Dimiti Boylan specifically, for their exceptional customer service and innovation stewardship – implementing and enhancing recommendations through countless conference calls and Webex to bring Beta to life on many of the outcomes detailed in this White Paper, esp. the Informatica case study. In my entire career I have never experienced such a vendor relationship that produced so many results, proactively, and according to shared vision as the Avature Team. As agnostic as this white paper was intended and observed, the case study reflected actual and substantive contributions of development to the extent that my methodologies were tested outcomes.
  • Special recognition to Gerry Crispin for suggesting over the past years that I share my passion for best practices & innovation in the form of a White Paper. I am forever grateful for the privilege of having Gerry’s direct contribution in writing the forward to introduce the white paper.
  • Thank you to Brad Cook, Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition at Informatica – for investing in my vision as a client and friend.
  • Thank you to my friends and colleagues, Andrew Gadomski for his support of what is an often discussed topic of shared fascination between us and to Glenn Gutmacher for his interest and opinions on my progress towards completing this effort.
  • Thanks and my strongest possible recommendation for the services of my consultant, Maren Hogan, at Red Branch Media for extending her marketing talents essential to the framework of what is intuitively a complex subject.Red Branch Media is a niche agency devoted to marketing for the workplace, which is a catchy way of saying that Maren works primarily within the Human Resources and Recruiting space and does it wonderfully.
  • And to those I have not mentioned, I will have done so personally.


    5 Responses to “My Published White Paper – Futurecasting: When Big Data, Social Data API & CRM come together, what will be the impact on Fortune 500 Hiring?”

    1. Marenated on April 5th, 2013 3:30 pm

      […] also very excited for the launch of client Dave Mendoza’s white paper in conjunction with Futurestep/Korn Ferry on the topic of Futurecasting. Futurecasting […]

    2. Glenn Gutmacher on April 22nd, 2013 4:53 pm

      Dave, it’s great to see your work getting more public exposure. As I commented on Recruiting Animal’s blog today ( ), this is a topic that is only going to get hotter, and your successful consulting work in this space positions you well to become a thought leader in it. Kudos!

    3. John Bersentes on April 26th, 2013 1:39 pm

      In reading Dave’s whitepaper on the topic of Big Data and the evolving landscape of talent management tools related to CRM. If you are keenly interested in “ disruptive technologies” and how to leverage emerging tools to better address STEM pipeline development, multi-generational knowledge transfer, Community of Practice portals, as well as recruitment marketing and metrics related to engagement and attraction I encourage you to read this report. The forward by our mutual friend Gerry Crispin will make you want to take the time to learn more about the concept of Futurecasting.

      Given our work with government agenciesin human capital as well as web development on projects like and this piece speaks to us at TMP as the next step for clients looking to leverage data visualizations and cloud based solutions as well as the urgency to make the move to responsive web design. I certainly think it warrants your attention and should be something that you consider as well for your reputation management and social integration efforts for talent management across the digital landscape.

    4. Steven Rothberg on April 29th, 2013 4:17 pm

      I just read through your white paper and was quite impressed. First of all, you’re an accomplished professional writer. You’ve got some big words here and there but you’re speaking to a highly educated audience and I never felt that the words created speed bumps nor did I feel that any of them were thrown in to baffle the reader. Some writers try to dazzle with bullshit because they don’t know shit. Clearly you do.

      I really liked the forward by our friend Gerry Crispin, the large middle section which outlined the issues, and then the specific case study at the end that allowed you to strut your stuff. The reader trusted you by that point. Nice.

      I also liked the use of funky graphics on many (most?) of the pages. They were appropriate and not at all cheesy like I often see. They added to and did not detract from your paper. Maybe they added a couple of extra pages to the length but their use was helpful.

      I was fascinated by the database you built for Infomatica and how you tied that into Jobs2web and social. I obviously know a little about Infomatica — mostly thanks to you — and know a lot about Jobs2web as we have a great partnership with them. I also consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable about social even if you and I sometimes disagree there.

      If there was one thing that I was hoping to read but never came across it was a discussion on the issue of you don’t know what you don’t know. If something isn’t in the data, then what? I’m delighted that more and more recruiters are actually understanding what the hell data is, starting to use it, and some even using it appropriately. But I’m frustrated as hell that some who are using data are doing so to pretend that they’re not making arbitrary and ridiculous decisions. For example, other than professions like the engineering ones you covered in the white paper which require degrees in order to be licensed, is there actually any data to support an organization’s decision that it should hire grads from specific schools? Is there even any data to support the decision they should hire grads period? I feel that some recruiters are practicing covert racial and socioeconomic discrimination — sometimes subconsciously — by requiring college degrees. Does someone really need a college degree to be a guest services worker in a hotel? A telemarketer? A manager of a retail store? If I’m right, there will soon be a lot of class action lawsuits. Will the use of big data — social or otherwise — help these organizations understand when a degree is a legitimate screening technique and when it isn’t? I sure hope so.

    5. Scott Simmons on April 30th, 2013 12:47 am

      Great Paper Dave!

      I found this information compelling and am now completely frustrated with any ATS I have ever used. Im looking forward to seeing more thought like this.