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Nancy Gray-Starkebaum – Process Excellence, UnConference

Posted on March 8, 2007
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I’m a big fan of Nancy Gray-Starkebaum. Nancy led recruiting for all of Electronic Arts’s operations based in British Columbia and Chicago. She strategically grew organization from 3 recruiters to a team of 25 with 5 distinct departments (University Relations, Recruiting Operations, Sourcing, Research and Candidate Development, Immigration and Relocation). She implemented best practices recruiting process to improve efficiency and candidate experience and implemented interview training and “certification” for all interviewers. She oversaw all business team interviewers to participate in formal training sessions.

Today, she is a principle consultant, on behalf of NGS Talent, where she offers her expertise to organizations looking to change their talent acquisition function from a transactional, reactive funtion to a value add organization that creates true ROI and supports the strategic plan of the overall business.

Services include:
Strategic Talent Acquisition Planning
Recruiting Organizational Design
Professional Development Workshops for HR Professionals
Coaching for Recruiting Leaders
Technology Selection
Process Audit

Feel free to connect directly with Nancy Gray-Starkbaum by sending her an invite on Linkedin, by clicking here:

Simply input her email: TalentiNGS @

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