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THE NAUGHTY “CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE” LIST – Secret Shopper Phenomenon Expose

Posted on May 17, 2014
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THE NAUGHTY “CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE” LIST – When recruiters delete recruiter CV’s without opening them you have a problem at your org:

“In an industry as tightly-knit of familiar faces – what does it say when recruiters, Talent Managers, etc delete fellow corporate TA emails to be considered without being opened? It says horrible things about a vocation we believe to be principled in asserting candidate centric relationships. You may have done it yourself and not thought it would be noticed. Technology solved that dirty laundry from being hidden years ago.

Find out in an upcoming expose article about the silent ‘do what I say not as I do” about candidate experience …. the winners and the naughty list among top branded companies – by yours truly, outlining my secret shopper’s experiment using my own and by referral communications to spot consistent practices.”


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