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Person of The Year Award, Thank You

Posted on January 14, 2009
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By Dave Mendoza, Adjunct Faculty, JobMachine

Person of the Year Awarded by RecruitingShow

It reads as follows:
“Dave Mendoza arrived in the Recruitosphere in the Summer of 2006. I started getting emails from him before his blog was even launched. Some people complained that he was a spammer. But no he said. I’m not a spammer, I’m a networker.

In December 2006 while still a rookie blogger, he won the popular vote for best recruiting blog of the year by reaching out to non-readers of the Recruitosphere.

Not fair said the established bloggers. Well he said, who’s bringing in new people? The old hands who stick to their cliques or a guy like me who goes out into the street and hauls in strangers to join the party?

In February 2008, in a move that stunned the Recruitosphere, he celebrated his birthday by doubling the membership of from 1000 to 2000 in just one week.

JD built a good site but this was the really turning point for Membership had been growing steadily but slowly. After that it took off and totally blew me away.

About a year ago, he started introducing open networkers to eachother on LinkedIn via his blog, Six Degrees From Dave. When Dave first included me in this project, I had a thousand people in my LinkedIn network. Since then, he’s added over a thousand more.

Open Networking Initiative

This is really an astounding project, …”READ The Rest from the RecruitingAnimal directly!

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