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PERSPECTIVES: CM Russell “The Influence of Blogs on the Recruitment Industry”

Posted on February 26, 2007
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Voices from the Recruitment Blogosphere

Today, I thank CM for taking the time and effort to respond and participate in this week long series as we develop a collective discussion on the value proposition of recruitment blogging as both Influencer and StakeHolder.

By CM Russell,
Founder, Author of

1. 1) What substantive **EXAMPLES** exist where blogs have influenced the products vendors develop, or the way products are marketed, etc?

I see blogs increasingly being used as PR platforms for new products and industry news. Some companies are starting blogs to promote themselves and foster communication with clients (i,.e. while some PR professionals are reaching out to industry bloggers to announce new products in hopes the blogger will review or mention it. (i.e.>)

2. What instances would you suggest are instructive in terms of the power of viral marketing where recruitment blogs have played a major role?

Cheezhead’s ebay auction for his trip to SHRM last year. Without the blogosphere it wouldn’t have happend. Other than that most of the viral examples would be negative ones like the buzz surrounding jobster’s recent announcements. Most of the posts were of the negative variety surrounding their moves.

3. What we are looking to highlight is the transition from journal to industry partner, and any perspectives you can share would be helpful.

Perspective: the smart recruiters/hr pros are using blogs to reach candidates on a more human level. I cite 2 bloggers as example, Dennis Smith, Staffing Manager, Engineering at T-Mobile who writes the blog and Martin Burns of ZoomInfo who writes “Good to Know”. Both of them are company sponsored blogs and both attractive candidates. The cost: $0. Priceless!

Here’s another possible example;

Use of Adwords by Accenture….might they have listened to Cheezman?

CM Russell


6 Responses to “PERSPECTIVES: CM Russell “The Influence of Blogs on the Recruitment Industry””

  1. Recruiting Animal on February 26th, 2007 9:00 am

    Chris Russell is my hero so if I disagree with him it’s only because I respect him so much.

    But the use of Adwords are widely advertised on a million SEO sites. The Big Cheez introduced the info to the Recruitosphere via his blog. So I suppose that’s one bit of info that entered recruiting through blogs.

    Chris points out that he can only think of Cheezie’s marketing of his T-shirt as a major example of viral marketing. Nothing to write home about, eh?

    And as for bullhorn, it just started last week. Let’s set some things to watch for as signs of a successful community building project and measure them over time.

    Finally, regarding recruiting blogs, there’s Dennis, the Recruiting Teddy Bear, the two Microsoft blogs and a handful of others like The Marketing Headhunter. And as far as I know, that’s it.

    How much influence does that add up to?

  2. Restaurant Jobs on February 26th, 2007 2:08 pm

    I thought my blog would count. Heck it has even won awards. 😉

    OK, maybe I’m not influencing the recrutiment community, but I know I’m influencing candidates in my industry.

    My new blog at Recruiting-USA may well influence how smaller search firms present themsleves on the Internet using electronic media.

  3. Jim Durbin on February 26th, 2007 2:47 pm

    The question is what influence recruiting blogs should have.

    Animal, the problem is you’re juding recruiting blogs like they are marketing or PR blogs. Recruiting blogs should be about passing information on hiring to candidates, hiring manager, vendors, and recruiters.

    Marketing and PR blogs are big news – but they are different than our little portion of the recruiting world.

  4. Recruiting Animal on February 26th, 2007 5:38 pm

    St Jimmy. I was talking about the blogs the same way that Papa, I mean CM was in this posting. None of the three points refer to using it as a site to relate to your candidates. And even you refer to vendors as a significant audience. As of the moment, that’s very debatable.

  5. Deez on February 26th, 2007 7:13 pm

    Jim’s point about what influence recruiting blogs should have is well taken except for one thing: The categorization of recruiting blogs as those that must having specific qualities different than marketing and PR blogs.

    Most recruiting blogs are inherently marketing and PR blogs that reflect orientation of the person or persons doing the writing. In some cases the charisma and other personality characteristics of the writer come through to further brand the blog and in others they’re just bland words on the screen. Dennis “Boo-Boo” Smith has a great marketing and PR blog that just happens to help him recruit people to t-Mobile. He often includes posts from people he finds interesting (uh, like me); in doing so, the reader gains a feel for what Boo-Boo is like and hopefully extends these feelings to t-Mobile. How is this different from marketing and PR where a message is shaped for the audience?

    The big issue IMO is attempting to measure the impact on recruiting of a blog like which is a compendium of posts from companies, vendors, suppliers, and candidates and not just a sole source. In this case I’m wondering if the different posts “cancel” each other out or is there a potentiating effect of the varied opinions and trains of thought that somehow shape the way readers view recruiting?

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