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PERSPECTIVES: Matt Martone On “Bloggers Influence Upon the Recruitment Industry”

Posted on February 27, 2007
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Voices from the Recruitment Blogosphere

By Matt Martone, Recruitment Media Sales Executive at Yahoo!
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1) What substantive examples exist where blogs have influenced the products vendors develop, or the way products are marketed?

Blogs have influenced and will continue to influence product development in the recruitment space. Here are 3 examples:

• SimplyHired releases Jobs-O-Matic. It’s a means for adding a job board to your site. Press Release | Site
• Indeed, SimplyHired and Jobster have released blog widgets for distribution of job content to blogs.
• Every major job board distributes job content via RSS.
• JobThread exists. It’s an easy to way add a job site to blogs or corporate sites.

Blogs have influenced and will continue to influence the way products are marketed.
Cheesman lit a fire under the SEO and paid search engine marketing conversation but pushed Google AdWords when discussing paid search. I started my blog, Job|SearchMarketing, to provide Yahoo! with a voice in this conversation and share knowledge with influential people in our industry.

Job|SearchMarketing is not a marketing initiative. It’s just my blog, but by participating in this discussion and providing influential people with some valuable information on the industry, I am awarded opportunities to build awareness of our paid search engine marketing product, Yahoo! Sponsored Search.

2) What instances would you suggest are instructive in terms of the power of viral marketing where recruitment blogs have played a major role?

We haven’t seen much yet. Companies in our space are still too self-promoting. The best viral marketing campaign to date was CareerBuilder’s Monk-E-Mail campaign. It was good but the sole benefactor was CareerBuilder. It offered no substantive value to the marketplace and was therefore not supported by the blogs.

Moving forward expect to see more authentic viral marketing from companies that truly have something provocative to offer or at least discuss i.e., Jobster, LinkedIn, Yahoo! Hotjobs and Google.

These companies benefit from the sharing of knowledge. That means their message is the sort that gets awarded with viral distribution, rather than promotional sales speak which no one ever cares to distribute.

3) What we are looking to highlight is the transition from journal to industry partner, and any perspectives you can share would be helpful.

Jobster’s ownership of is an example of a corporation/blogger partnership. Jobster supports the bloggers by providing a means for distributing blog content and attracting visibility. In return, Jobster is often top of mind to industry bloggers and its news is often discussed.


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