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The Recruiting Animal Show: Recruitosphere in Review Today

Posted on April 4, 2007
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On The Recruiting Animal Show – Today at Noon EST.

Recruiting Animal starts fun spirited “Bull Doza For Director of to succeed Jay Dee Davis.

“Director of On The Recruiting Animal Show” – Today at Noon EST.

1. Jay-Dee is retiring from Is Bull Doza a worthy successor?
2. Cheezhead allows anonymous accusations against Don JGo.
3. It’s been one year in business for The Recruiting Animal. What’s next?

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“Dave knows how to get cozy with the people who count. When Six Degrees interviews some big wig from the Recruitosphere, be it Rusty Glass, Silverman Helps or Vin Diesleavey, they know that they are in for a good time. No ambush journalism here. And, do they love Dave after a dose of his People Power? You bet.” READ MORE, CLICK HERE

“We’re currently reviewing a variety of directions for the next phase of” — Don JGo

You know what? I thought he said “directors” so I came up with my own nominee to be the successor of Jay-Dee. And I’m hereby starting a Draft Mendoza campaign. Mendoza, you say, The Nortorious Networker? Yeah, that’s right. David Bull Doza Mendoza. Consider this.

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