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Recruiting IT Staff: Strategic Approaches to Attract Top Talent

Posted on March 17, 2013
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Recruiting IT Staff: Strategic Approaches to Attract Top Talent

Great employees are the life blood of any successful organization, and the war for talent is real. Today’s job market is characterized by high turnover, an aging workforce, the remote revolution, and global competition to find qualified IT staff that can keep your business at the forefront of technological changes. Needless to say, candidates with excellent credentials are selective about what company they join.

Organizations that utilize cutting edge recruiting software and techniques position themselves to secure the brightest and the best talent. Here are 4 ways to use IT to attract remarkable IT talent.

1 Use Predictive Labor Needs Software

Effective recruiting is a science, and a company’s recruiting software greatly impacts the quality of candidates that are sourced. “Time and attendance software”. The software can be utilized to assess historical data and key performance indicators to match them with future human capital needs.

Automate Resume Sourcing For IT Staff

Automation can save valuable time on posting career openings on job boards and other avenues. Whether you work with a third-party recruitment agency or your own corporate recruiting department, there are several automated tools out there to help you streamline resume sourcing (ex. egrabber, talentdrive, ResumeGrabber Sourcing Friends, etc.). These programs can help you find and upload the candidate resumes right into your applicant tracking system.

Note that while technology can help accelerate the sourcing process, the best results are driven from combining technology with human powered research.

Performance Monitoring of HR Software

Although recruiting software can yield some powerful results, it is important to monitor the effectiveness of the technology in order to determine which features are working and which features need tweaking or eradication.

Metrics can also be used to monitor the micro-level concerns of the software. Cost, efficiency, speed, customer service, retention, and quality are all factors that need to be monitored to best ascertain if the software is indeed effective.

Employee Referral Programs can Leverage Software

Every organization should have an employee referral program as an integral part of their recruiting strategy. Statistics show that employee referrals are among the most effective ways to find the best talent. Employees are often willing to refer qualified candidates to the company; however, many complain that the process is often cumbersome and too time consuming. Additionally, they do not perceive the reward to be commensurate with what they are delivering to the company, so companies often lose out on excellent talent because of these issues.

Companies must be mindful that it must be beneficial to the current employee to refer friends, former colleagues or family. Computer software can make the employee referral process user friendly, so employees will be more motivated to bring in top talent.

Accelerating the Rate of Quality Hires

Modern technology demands more and more highly qualified IT staff, and the companies that will be most successful are those that figure out how to attract and retain the best and brightest in this candidate pool. Human resources software must be a first line technique to win the war of the talent search.


One Response to “Recruiting IT Staff: Strategic Approaches to Attract Top Talent”

  1. Shaleen Shah on March 20th, 2013 10:51 am

    I’m glad you wrote: “…while technology can help accelerate the sourcing process, the best results are driven from combining technology with human powered research.” as I’m not really a fan of automating job posting/requirements. In my experience, the greatest motivator of them all that takes little to give and biggest to gain is allowing your people to opt for flex time. I don’t really mind where someone works so long as quality results are delivered on time, all the time. Cheers!