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Recruiting Tools Week: Russ Moon’s Personal Testimonial On Broadlook Technologies

Posted on August 1, 2007
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Russell Moon‘s day job is that of AVP, Strategic Research Team at Wachovia – but to every sourcing guru he is known among the legendary. He has served corporations as a member of a centralized research team at three different organizations. If you ask Russell about his passions, he’ll tell you that he loves to peer over the horizon to identify trends, tools and technique ahead of the curve where he can then leverage those insights into creating potential for competitive advantage. Industry giants have shared their own impressions of his keen eye for technical detail:

“Tenacious and determined in his drive to succeed Russ applies his vast intellect and deep energy resources into efficiently solving problems. His curiosity, a natural born willingness to learn, propels him into the ranks of Master CyberSleuths while his propensity to share his knowledge makes him a trusted friend.”
Shally Steckerl

“Russ has channeled ex-military diligence into recruiting & quickly moved into the elite levels by networking with the recruiting research/sourcing industry’s leaders & putting in the time to learn & incorporating best practices into his daily work. It’s paying off in his results & those in his circle benefit from his sharing of fast-growing expertise in all aspects of full lifecycle recruiting.” May 19, 2005
Glenn Gutmacher

“I have been collaborating with Russ on a few projects/ideas in the last 6 months and the depth of knowledge, tenacity to attack the problem and his systematic approach to putting together operational solutions is impressive. If you are looking for a thoughtful, resourceful consultant to help solve your staffing/business problems then I would be happy to recommend Russ.” June 13, 2005
Rob McIntosh

“In the war for talent, characterizing recruiters as ‘warriors’ may be an apt metaphor but, it is still a metaphor. Russ Moon on the other hand is the real deal. He drives for excellence in his profession and, the intensity with which he hones his skills to produce outstanding staffing results has few peers. In the war for talent, I want to have Russ leading the campaign on my side.” May 27, 2005
Gerry Crispin, SPHR


Today, Russell shares his personal experiences utilizing Broadlook Technologies suite of sourcing recruiting tools with Andy Thiemer. What makes Russell’s observations all the more powerful is that he has served as Beta Tester for Broadlook Technologies due to his industry recognized expertise in recruiting tools.

Andy: With me this afternoon, I have Russ Moon. I’d like to thank you very much Russ for joining us this afternoon.

Russ: Thank You!

Andy: Russ I’d like to start off, could you tell everybody a little bit about your role.

Russ: Sure, I’m a seasoned internet researcher, supporting a major corporation across all lines of business nationally, working as part of a strategic research team, and our role is to develop talent leads to supply to our talent acquisition recruiting team.

Andy: Which tools out of the Broadlook Suite of products do you personally have and use?

Russ: I personally use the Broadlook Eclipse, Broadlook Profiler, and Broadlook Contact Capture.

Andy: In getting up and running with those tools, when you first became a Broadlook user, can you tell me a little bit about the contact that you had with the Broadlook support team and how they helped you get up and running in that initial purchase process phase?

Russ: Sure, I had a lot of contact and that was a valuable part of my experience simulating your tools and becoming productive with them. I had contact through the weekly trainings that were available for the different products, and I found that helpful. I had contact through calling into the support team with specific questions, or if I was in the middle of a process and I needed to get over a particular hurdle I could describe where I was at and they would actually come online with me and see what I was seeing and do what I was doing and help me work through that. In some cases if I knew there was a particular operation I wanted to perform they could direct me to some of the archived tutorials which I found helpful because you can watch them as many times as you want or you can even have them open as you work and follow them step-by-step.

Broadlook: Russ, as part of the process did you do any one-on-one custom training with our trainers?

Russ: Yes I did!

Andy: Can you tell me a little bit about the result of that custom training, – what aspects really helped in your research and getting familiar with the tools?

Russ: Did it help? Absolutely, there is no doubt in my mind that the customized training added immense value. It added value I think, in two primary areas: one, after going to the weekly trainings and looking at the archived step-by-step tutorials, the one-on-one training, because it was just myself and the trainer. It allowed me to accelerate my learning because it was private. I could ask all the questions that I wanted, I could ask questions that were pertinent to the type of work I attempting to perform without feeling selfish because it was just me. And then, on the second note, it helped me in terms of actually producing an end result because I was able to center through the planning process that’s in place for the customized training what we were going to train on to tailor that to the work I was trying to do so we were actually doing customized training and, in many cases, on live projects so when we would finish the training, I would either have leads that were ready to share or I knew exactly how to move from where I was at in the process, to having the leads to be able to share. It was a very nice process to be able to go to my leadership and say “I took the training, and it was really great and I learned a lot, and by the way, we finished the XYZ project, and I have 500 people now to share with the recruiter, – that aspect was really well received.

Andy: Russ being an expert, very skilled recruiter or researcher in that field, – your answer really goes to show that even a skilled researcher can really make use of those custom trainings to really get the most value and to really help you get the custom trainings and software involved into your actual process? Is that correct?

Russ: The software is very powerful and until you get that one-on-one time with the trainer there is just so much the software can do and so many questions you could potentially ask, so until you have that time with the trainer, your not even really sure what is totally possible it’s really very eye opening in terms of the additional capabilities that begin to come to mind as you work with the trainer and they begin to show you little nuances of “hey right here you can try this or you can do this or take this data and get it ready for formatting, let me show you a shortcut” every one of those little bits of learning changes your perspective on what’s possible, so absolutely, even for an advanced person there is a lot more you can learn.

Andy: Now were going to turn and take a look at some of the benefits of using the Broadlook tools as the center of the research process. Can you describe some of the benefits that the Broadlook tools have brought to you as a researcher?

Russ: Sure, there’s a couple that come to mind immediately. One, I refer to the Broadlook tools as “Uber” search tools, in terms that they are atomically powered. They are so massive in what then can do it allows me to perform a breath and depth of search that I would be unable to replicate manually … and it allows me to do that with a speed which is definitely very attractive. It can take days of work and shrink it into hours of work. In addition, it has the ability to harness data and format such a large body of data. I simply don’t have the tools to do that manually, so that’s been one big benefit.

Obviously, for the people who are really bottom-line oriented, they say “what’s in this for me?”

If you can deliver more viable leads, in less time, that are targeted to the right space it’s going to be a welcome result to any organization that’s serious about their talent acquisition effort. A third kind of side effect of all of this, which I never really thought would occur initially, but I hadn’t been exposed to the products and I’ve mentioned this to some of this to your staff, – just seeing how the tools work and seeing the data that they brought back has totally impacted my perspective on mining for data and my perception of what’s possible, and how you can use one bit of data to lead you to the next. It’s just opened a whole other realm in terms of possibilities and then that makes you think, “This looks really good, how can I use this? How could we use this? How could this benefit us?” That’s been one very eye opening dimension to my exposure with the Broadlook products – It’s changed the way I think.

Andy: Advice for somebody that’s considering the Broadlook solution versus some of the other internet research options out there?

Russ: My advice would be, I think the initial user should be a power user. It should be someone who has experience, who is seasoned, who is technically very competent, so that they will be able to look at the tool, see how it performs the daily functions they want to perform but on a larger scope see the potential of what that tool could deliver. Once that person is well versed with the tool and they are an organic resource and they have shown, ‘I’ve got this tool, it’s very productive, it works in our culture, it deliver the results that we like then you have an organic resource in addition to the support you can get via the web or the phone.’ Then at that point I think you would then exponentially increase your number of users with that person as the initial hub and you would fan outward and downward across the organization. So I think, initially, you would go to a power user. You would get them up and running and competent and then you would bring in another, think of a concentric ring, of people connected to them and then you would go outward from there. I think that’s where your best return on investment is going to be.

Andy: One thing that you mentioned is very true, in that some users do have a much higher degree of success with the Broadlook tools than others, in your opinion what attributes do you think need to be there in order to be successful as a Broadlook user.

Russ: I think as a Broadlook user, to be successful, this tool is not vanilla, and it doesn’t do vanilla things. I think you need to be intelligent because it is sophisticated. You need to have an open mind to not only look at what the program is doing, but what the program could do. You need someone who is comfortable learning in an online format, because you have a lot of good resources for people that are comfortable learning online that they can access on their time as many times as they want. Where the research comes into play, or the research experience, is people who have learned a lot of different tools will be able to connect part of what they’ve learned in terms of using the functionality of another tool, they will see similarities to some of that functionality in Broadlook. They’ll say, “Oh, ok this is similar to XYZ, let me try it this way” and it just provides them a frame of reference where there connecting what they know to what they’re trying to learn. And I think that’s very helpful, the customized trainings are invaluable and the online trainings that are once a week I found to be very helpful to the point that I attended each one for each product multiple times. And I learned something every time that I attended them, at least one thing if not 3 to 4 things. So I would say you need people that are comfortable learning, you need people that are comfortable asking for help if they need it, because the help is there and when I reached out for the help, the help was of high quality and the response was very rapid. So if you ask for the help, you’re going to get it. The trainers that I worked with were actually, I think, outstanding at either being able to immediately say, “Here’s what you need to do, try this, or let me come online with you” or in some cases they would say, “You know, that’s a good question, I don’t know, let me get back to you”, and they would do so very rapidly, so I knew that once I sent out my lifeline the cavalry was going to come and they weren’t going to abandoned me and we were going to work on this until we fixed it and we went thorough this process multiple times, so I know that’s the truth.

Andy: Wrapping it up, just one more question for you Russ. What would you say if you had to limit it all down to one, the training, the support, the research and the data that’s produced by the tools, if you had to funnel it all down to one greatest benefit of using the Broadlook solutions, what is the overall benefit of using Broadlook in your research work flow?

Russ: Well, the greatest benefit is the benefit to the bottom line by the enhanced candidate lead flow that is generated from the software itself. I mean that’s the bottom, bottom line. All the functionality is wonderful, but when the day is done my clients want viable talent to develop as potential candidates for our company and our business line leaders want the best talent to drive value for the firm. So if it supports that, that’s really what they want and that’s what I think, in certain circumstance, that’s what the software delivers.


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One Response to “Recruiting Tools Week: Russ Moon’s Personal Testimonial On Broadlook Technologies”

  1. Amybeth on August 2nd, 2007 9:13 am

    THANK YOU!! This is going to be VERY helpful for me as my company is currently looking into purchasing BroadLook. The more testimonies I can provide the better. Thanks, Dave! (and Russ too for that matter!)