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RECRUITING TOOLS WEEK: CampaignerPro – A Powerful Direct Marketing Tool To Reach Passive Talent

Posted on July 30, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, A JobMachine Inc. Affiliate Partner.

Looking to connect with qualified candidate? Do You Desire To design Messages That Build Relationships? Tired of Emailing each candidate prospect, one by one, for fear of Spam Filters Blocking your “Employer of Choice” Branding Efforts from Your Passive Talent Audience? I feel your pain. Over the last several years as spam filters become hyper aggressive, positive branding messages to communicate your job openings are being blocked from active, and the ever important passive talent audience.

It has been my personal experience, that in order to feel secure that the email I send emails get delivered, opened and acted upon – I use CampaignerPro. It has been Proven Effective on behalf of SixDegrees…. and above all, it has proven itself to be trusted, efficient, and versatile

A few weeks ago I discussed my email delivery problems with my friend, Master Cybersleuth, Glenn Gutmacher. He was kind enough to suggest several tools as options, among them, Campaigner by Got Corporation.

I each solution provider and experienced a demonstration to discern their capabilities. I noticed that by and large, Direct Marketing Software companies focused on the retail sector and had little discernible outreach within the Recruitment Industry – a multi-billion dollar industry with a huge need for market outreach and deliverables. Got Corporation had the most robust platform with an assortment of features that were highly relevant to my personal candidate relationship building efforts. Upon discussing my technology obstacles at length related to large scale direct marketing to passive talent, Got Corporation’s management appreciated my concerns and understood that the problems I identified were highly symptomatic of the challenges the recruitment industry faced as a whole an compounded with the lack of recognition among technology software providers that a huge market share was awaiting to anyone who could crack the code of adapting direct marketing functionality to career branding efforts. Inevitably, after a series of discussions, it became a collaborative experiment on how best to redirect its flagship “CampaignerPro” and its capabilities to the broader talent identification and outreach process. Simply put, CampaignerPro has proven itself capable of processing lists of thousands of name generation prospects into prospects well within reach and scalable for new relationships within segregated, well defined talent families – each with its own message and each with its own delivery schedules.

Delivering “Email Marketing 2.0” CampaignerPro lets you easily create trusted and relevant communications, ensuring you get the highest delivery and response rates. Send email they want to receive – one-to-one personalized email – displaying content relevant to each recipient’s profile and preferences. Sound difficult? Doesn’t have to be. You can do it yourself with our foolproof segmentation wizards and WYSIWYG content editors.

Set up one-time campaigns or schedule campaigns to recur automatically – reducing the amount of time and money spent. CampaignerPro provides it all with the simplicity of on-demand software and dedicated delivery support.

Opt-in list building & management for trust: A detailed, well maintained opt-in list yields trust, and higher response. CampaignerPro supports a huge number of data attributes for each contact, allowing you to collect a wide range of customer profile and campaign preference information (like support for multiple mailing lists) to better target communications. Collecting the right data is a breeze, with custom forms you can create in minutes. Forms further infuse trust with automated double opt-in mechanism, form submission redirects and automated welcome messages. CampaignerPro automates list management, handling bounces, unsubscribes, and allowing users to easily update their preferences through integrated subscription management pages.

Example: Your Talent Sourcing team develops detailed Name Generation research into robust listings. Problem: “What is Your Delivery System? Your goal is to ensure the highest possible delivery rate of identified passive talent emails broadcasting a designated marketing effort in the form of communicating corporate openings. An important factor for consideration is that the platform needs to protect free choice among recipients in the form of both an Opt-out and subscribe capability. CampaignerPro fulfills each criteria, enabling uploaded Lists to update automatically with your selected audience of passive talent subscribers, to result in the receipt of “Employer of Choice” branding job announcements, industry updates, newsletters, etc – all with each of their interactive preferences updated accordingly. In doing so, the company increased credibility in the eyes of their talent base, and had higher response rates affirming their interest in the form of attached resumes or forwarded and recorded as a referral source.

– Increase Hires with Higher Delivery and corresponding response rates through relevance
– Achieve Industry-leading deliverability
– Gain trust with opt-in list building
– Ensure credibility with list management
– Adopt the simplicity of on-demand
– Focus on core marketing, automate the rest
– Use reports to improve delivery & response


    Basic Reports – Campaign-driven reports provides an overview of campaign performance: delivered, open, Hard Bounced, Soft Bounces, Unsubscribed, Click throughs, Replied and forwarded
    Advanced Reports – Compares campaigns to each other, compares segments within the same campaign to each other, and allows the sender to observe campaign performance over time, etc.
    Report Output includes a graphical representation, a data table, and an export to Excel, salesforce, PDF, XML, and CSV option.

Example: A retailer sets up a single campaign to go outto customers on their birthday with personalized greetings and clothing discounts relevant to the season of birth and gender, reflecting prices at local currencies. Response rates increase by 12% due to relevance.

Focus on Marketing Your Employment Brand, Automate The Rest.

CampaignerPro lets you automate campaign sending and data flow across business systems so you can set up programs once and move on to other things. Schedule email campaigns with ease using recurring and automated scheduling, and then let them run on their own. Send campaigns using existing data from Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), other database systems, and automate the flow of opt-out data across these systems using the CampaignerPro API. Automate marketing to Leads and Contacts in, alleviating the strain on Staffing departments and maintain Employment Branding consistency with CampaignerPro’s out-of-box integration with Set it all up yourself or turn to our Professional Services team for technology or creative help!

About GOT Corporation

GOT Corporation’s do-it-yourself Campaigner application allows business owners to have personalized email dialogues with their customers, measure how they respond, and analyze those responses to interact in a more intelligent, automated way – resulting in more profitable relationships. GOT Corporation partners with industry leaders including, Comcast and Yahoo!; provides applications to thousands of SMBs and to companies such as Nokia, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Nielsen Media Research and AT&T. For a free trail or more information please visit

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    RECRUITING TOOLS WEEK: CampaignerPro – A Powerful Direct Marketing Tool To Reach Passive Talent…

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    Hey Dave, I was tagged by a new friend of mine, Troy Bettinger of NotJobs, and couldn’t think of a better person to tag than you. 

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