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RecruitingBlogs, ENDORSEMENTS – “Best Over All Recruiting Blog” Starts Today thru Dec 21st

Posted on December 16, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc.
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Yes, it’s here – the “Oscars of the Recruitment Blogosphere” – the final end-of-year Awards event contest. I have been nominated for BOTH Best Overall Recruiting Blog AND Best Recruiting Industry Blog. I appreciate the support of our readers. The Winner wins a trip to Las Vegas and is selected by popular vote.

To avoid confusion if you recall voting for SixDegreesfromDave already – the last “End of Year” Awards vote was a contest run by HireAbility’s Craig Silverman. – THIS IS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT AND FINAL AWARDS CONTEST – This is the biggie Jason Davis holds each year with the big prize, prestige and the Big Bang effect.

Two Easy Ways to Vote:

1) Visit Directly and look for the “Click Here to Vote” link UNDER the ZOOMInfo Logo on the main page of
2) Simply Click HERE
(If one has a glitch, try the other way :)

Simply CLICK HERE and you will be redirected to a “Survey Monkey” with a Multiple Choice voting format to choose from. If you wish to show your support for this blog, be sure to scroll down the list until you see “Six Degrees From Dave” among the choices when selecting your vote/

CATEGORIES: Snapshot of Endorsements

BIG Question 1. What Is the Best Overall Recruiting Blog 0f 2007 – Winner Of This Category wins a trip to Vegas thanks to Zoominfo
** This is The KEY – Endorsing …

2. Best Recruiting Blogosphere Personality – Recruiting Animal.

3. Best Third Party Recruiting Blog – Endorsing … Confessions of an Executive Restaurant Recruiter

4. Best Recruiting Technology Blog – Endorsing … I, Donato
6. Best Corporate Recruiting Blog – Endorsing Dennis Smith’s “Wireless Jobs

7. Best Sourcing/Research Blog – Endorsing Cybersleuthing

8. Best Group Blog – Xtra Cheezhead or CollegeRecruiting/Employers Blog

9. Best Recruiting Industry Blog – Endorsing …

Again, the Hireability Vote is HERE
The Big New End of Year Award, thru
Recruitment is HERE

Thank you in advance


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