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Russell Moon’s Survey Monkey Research Project

Posted on March 3, 2008
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc.
(720) 733-2022

Russell Moon wants to reach out to you to ask for your consideration in support of a presentation he will be making at the Spring ERE Expo in San Diego.


His topic will be “Cultivating Your Organic Research Team” and the basic premise is to identify and discuss environmental influences in terms of what helps a researcher/sourcer contribute the highest ROI to their employer or client and which situations are detrimental.

During the course of the presentation there will be sharing from the audience, sharing of this esteemed sourcing guru’s personal observation based on his interactions with others and his experience as a member of three research teams at MeadWestvaco, KPMG LLP and Wachovia.

He will also share original research based on a survey of people who actively work in the field of research or sourcing. Define research, sourcing or actively anyway you personally choose to, he trust your opinion for the purposes of this survey. Primarily he is looking for people who are spending a significant amount of their time using the internet to identify talent for either an organization or client.

The survey itself is divided into two parts :

Part 1 – Identifies a list of factors which can help a researcher optimized their ability to produce maximum return on investment for their employer or client while feeling satisfaction in their work.

Part 2 – Identifies a list of factors which inhibit a researchers ability to contribute at their highest level.

He is the asking each person taking the survey to choose the 5 influencers in Part I and the 5 influencers in Part II which are the most important to them.

The survey is brief and should not present a time burden to those who choose to participate.

If you have any questions about the survey feel free to e-mail Russ or if you prefer, call Him.
You will in receive a more rapid response if you use his address.

This is part of our friend’s humble effort to support the deeper understanding of the researcher/sourcing profession, stimulate some thought which adds value and provide a mechanism for people who are doing this type of work to have their voices heard a little bit more broadly.


Russell Moon‘s day job is that of AVP, Strategic Research Team at Wachovia – but to every sourcing guru he is known among the legendary. He has served corporations as a member of a centralized research team at three different organizations. If you ask Russell about his passions, he’ll tell you that he loves to peer over the horizon to identify trends, tools and technique ahead of the curve where he can then leverage those insights into creating potential for competitive advantage. Industry giants have shared their own impressions of his keen eye for technical detail:

“Tenacious and determined in his drive to succeed Russ applies his vast intellect and deep energy resources into efficiently solving problems. His curiosity, a natural born willingness to learn, propels him into the ranks of Master CyberSleuths while his propensity to share his knowledge makes him a trusted friend.”
Shally Steckerl

“Russ has channeled ex-military diligence into recruiting & quickly moved into the elite levels by networking with the recruiting research/sourcing industry’s leaders & putting in the time to learn & incorporating best practices into his daily work. It’s paying off in his results & those in his circle benefit from his sharing of fast-growing expertise in all aspects of full lifecycle recruiting.” May 19, 2005
Glenn Gutmacher

“I have been collaborating with Russ on a few projects/ideas in the last 6 months and the depth of knowledge, tenacity to attack the problem and his systematic approach to putting together operational solutions is impressive. If you are looking for a thoughtful, resourceful consultant to help solve your staffing/business problems then I would be happy to recommend Russ.” June 13, 2005
Rob McIntosh

“In the war for talent, characterizing recruiters as ‘warriors’ may be an apt metaphor but, it is still a metaphor. Russ Moon on the other hand is the real deal. He drives for excellence in his profession and, the intensity with which he hones his skills to produce outstanding staffing results has few peers. In the war for talent, I want to have Russ leading the campaign on my side.” May 27, 2005
Gerry Crispin, SPHR

Thank you for your consideration of supporting this very important initiative from a Thought Leader I respect.

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