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Sean Rehder’s Linkedin Q&A: How Recruiters Are Compensated

Posted on April 22, 2009
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A Quick Question on how recruiters get paid

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Sean Rehder, my “roomie” at many of the recruiting conferences, and I had an interesting discussion while at the last ERE San Diego conference. Sean builds sourcing and community management applications using CRM for sourcers and recruiters. So together, he and I have seen quite few different ways that sourcers and recruiters find and hire candidates.

However, this discussion was not about techniques or tools – more precisely It had to do with the concept of how recruiters would frame the statement – “show me the money.”

This discussion was about what sourcers/recruiters get paid for and how they would like to get paid. Sean created a poll question that anyone can answer and I the link is below.

The question is….if you could pick what you got paid for, what would it be?

The choices are….

  • Paid per hire
  • Paid per onsite interivew
  • Paid per submitted candidate
  • Paid per submitted resume
  • Paid per hour/time spent
  • Here is the link:

    There is also a place for discussion so feel to add in your “2 cents.”

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