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Securing Your Business: How To Recruit Top Network Security Experts

Posted on March 12, 2012
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In the past few decades, we’ve seen tremendous advances in technology. These emerging technologies and companies’ adoption of them have ushered in a new age where information, not physical possessions like inventory, has become the majority of businesses’ most valuable asset. Intellectual property, trade secrets, customer data, financial information and more must be protected now more than ever.

This rise in importance of securing data has lead to an increase in the need for network security professionals. Businesses are coming around to the idea that a catch-all IT staff is no longer the most effective way to execute a proper technology plan. Specialization is the way to go, and this is particularly the case in the area of IT security.

So how can you recruit the top network security experts? Once you’ve gotten past the basics like salary and perks, what else can you do and what other aspects of your company can you promote to draw IT security professionals to your company?

Innovate Your Recruiting Tactics

Just like every other aspect of business, recruiting has been forever changed by new technology. Social media has grown in prominence and is now an integral part of any company’s recruiting plan. This is especially true when recruiting IT professionals. Network security experts and other technology pros simply won’t respect any company that’s not innovating its recruiting efforts with technology. So to draw those top security experts, take it to social media. Search for IT security leaders to follow and hashtag discussions to participate in. Find LinkedIn IT security discussion groups and join them. These conversations can be used to find and engage experts, and you can then start the process of luring them in to come work for you.

Managed Security Service Providers: It’s All About Clients

Many IT security professionals are recruited to work for managed service providers. These companies provide outsourced services like security management and network monitoring to business clients. To lure the top IT network security professionals, MSSPs should promote their challenging and interesting array of clients. Providers in any segment of Gartner’s magic quadrant for MSSPs(Managed Security Service Providers), from the plucky niche players to the big time industry leaders, all have challenging, cutting edge clients they can use to attract security experts. MSSPs need to promote the fact that working for a wide variety of clients is a way to be challenged and grow as a professional while never being bored.

The Team

Another thing that any company, be it a managed services provider or a stand alone corporation, should promote is the quality of their IT staff which they can reinforce with a printed lanyard here. If your company has a large, competent tech staff, that’s a huge plus that you must exploit. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that IT professionals are tired of working in small teams. Yes, there is certainly the challenge, and a great learning opportunity, that goes with wearing many hats. Unfortunately, this is offset by the constant busywork and firefighting that also comes with being part of an understaffed IT team. Technology professionals who reach a certain level don’t want to “go back.” IT Security experts need to be explicitly told that they will be able to focus on nothing but security. Professionals want to feel fulfilled, and telling a bona fide security expert that they will handle security and someone else will troubleshoot desktops is the perfect way to do that and is another great way to draw IT security experts to your firm.

About the Author:

Brian S is a long time network engineer on one of those small teams, so he handles security, troubleshooting, upgrades and everything else. He also works as a consultant to small business clients in Maryland and DC. Follow his Twitter/blog/Facebook and everything else at


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