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Shally, “Increasing the Pool of Minority Applicants”

Posted on January 15, 2008
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From time to time I get interesting articles sent my way from other industry experts and this week one of those really caught my eye. It was a white paper from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (14cp) about minority recruiting.


Having wrtten an article fo ERE about this last February (Using the Internet to Expand the Diversity of Your Candidate Pool) what caught my attention most was their observations on where diverse candidates come from. Here’s a summary of what they say:

  • Internet and employee referrals are the two most widely used methods for diversity recruiting.
  • The most effective programs, in order, are college internships, targeted colleges, leadership development programs and mentoring programs.
  • Companies need to be aware of how different ethnicities search for

    • Hispanics use friends or relatives to find jobs more than other ethnic groups
    • Blacks are more likely to use public employment agencies
    • Asians are least likely to use public or private agencies

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