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Shally Steckerl Says “Competitive Intelligence Now on LinkedIn for 160,000+ companies!”

Posted on March 24, 2008
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By Shally Steckerl, Founder, JobMachine, Inc.
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I’m very excited about LinkedIn’s new release from last night.

When you do a search and see someone’s employer in their profile, you can now click on some of those companies and see a summary page of competitive intelligence!

Over 160,000 profiles of companies will show this feature and any user can see them. The company profile contains a succinct overview of a company’s industry data in combination with LinkedIn data, and it pulls information from Capital IQ.

What do you see here?:

  • A list of all that company’s employees to which you are connected
  • A list of RECENT HIRES from that company! (also from your network)
  • A list of people RECENTLY PROMOTED at that company! (also from your network)
  • A list of companies were people CAME FROM before they were hired to this company!
  • A list of companies people GO TO when they leave this company!
  • A list of companies that this company’s employees are “most connected” to!
  • What locations do most of the company’s employees live in!
  • The company’s most common job titles From what universities the company hires the most
  • The average tenure for people at that company (how long they last)
  • And a distribution of AGE and GENDER at that company!


    Shally is one of the most inventive thought leaders and Sourcing Gurus today. He has gained an edge on the competition by embracing the internet prior to the world wide web and has spent years crafting his techniques for you the end user: shortening the time it takes to find accurate candidates and ultimately making you more money. His workshop seminars are constantly being sold out throughout the country.

    He is a talent acquisition consultant, strategist, speaker, and the Founder and Chief CyberSleuth of JobMachine, Inc. the premier provider of Sourcing Consulting Services and Workforce Development. Shally has diverse international experience building centralized recruitment models for Fortune 500 companies. During his time with Microsoft he managed the research arm of their global centralized sourcing and research team. Prior to that he has consulted in the development of teams at leading organizations such as Google, Deloitte, Dell, Disney, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Cisco Systems, and Motorola and many others. With his passion for the Internet as a recruitment tool and his continually innovative methods, Shally has developed a reputation as an authority in Internet search, and a pioneer in recruitment research.


    2 Responses to “Shally Steckerl Says “Competitive Intelligence Now on LinkedIn for 160,000+ companies!””

    1. Steven Rawlings on March 26th, 2008 1:52 pm


      Havent chatted with you in a while! Let me know when you will be in the Northeast again. I would like to come meet you and attend a seminar!


    2. Lesley Payne on March 27th, 2008 5:51 am


      That was really useful as usual. Thanks again.

      I find the advice and information you give so helpful