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Shally Steckerl, “Seven Days Without Sourcing Makes One Weak”

Posted on August 5, 2008
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By Shally Steckerl, Founder, Chief Cybersleuth at
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Borrowing from comedian Monty Walker of Beatle Bailey fame, the title reflects a bit of light humor in what is often a spirited debate surrounding the question of “How much is enough sourcing?”

This is perhaps the most commonly asked question I get when presenting workshops, seminars, and keynote addresses. Allow, via this humble blog post, my attempt to answer this question for recruiters by and large. Please note that I am writing this not with full-time, dedicated sourcers in mind, but for you, the full-desk recruiters who struggle to create time enough for completing your required tasks, much less for filling a pipeline with so-called passive candidates.

As my full-time sourcing brethren well know, there can never be enough research conducted as there will always be more we can do to find the right people for the right jobs, so please excuse me, but this is not written for you. For all the rest of you who carry large loads of requisitions, I hope this gives you peace of mind.

Not All Reqs Are Created Equal

Though it may feel like they are, not all of your requisitions are of the absolute “highest priority.” In fact, most of them don’t require much sourcing at all. Before you guffaw, let me define what I mean by sourcing — I mean research and identification of leads for hard-to-fill positions. Or another way to put it would be name generation for positions which cannot possibly be filled using traditional talent sources. Most reqs could benefit from some downloaded resumes, but that is a task simple to automate and one that creates little heartburn for experienced recruiters.

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One Response to “Shally Steckerl, “Seven Days Without Sourcing Makes One Weak””

  1. GoRecroot on August 6th, 2008 7:55 am

    One of the problems with sourcing, specifically, the time it takes to get the right candidates, is that there are different sources. Say, you pull a few from job sites, a few from your own archives, some from LinkedIn and some more from Facebook…Getting all of these together in one format to compare takes its time.

    There is a simple way out. Think of your job order as a magnet that can attract resumes. You need to make sure that your job order gets good visibility. That means, you put it on Facebook, your recruitment advertisements and much more. If you use a widget to wrap your job order then you can make sure that all your sources land up at the same folder. Top if up with resumes from your archive and any that came in via email.

    Now you need a good filter that get you the right resumes. This filter should pretty much treat all your resumes (from different sources) as equal and deploy your filtering strategy. What is left behind is a good place to start applying individual recruiter intelligence and instincts.

    You can do this at GoRecroot, check out the recruiter webtop features at