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Shally Tips, “Sourcing Prospects from Local Events”

Posted on June 22, 2008
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By Shally Steckerl, Founder, JobMachine Inc.

Local events are a fantastic source of leads for prospects in fields where there is otherwise little online footprint. For example, in fields such as Accounting, Finance, Nursing, Law and Medical, among others, you may find individuals who occasionally blog or participate in online communities, but such individuals are not as plentiful as in other industry sectors.

Many continuing education companies employ local experts to teach recertification courses. These courses can be found online but frequently behind dynamically generated content which makes it “deep web” content not picked up buy regular search engines. However, the content of those sites can be easily found with just a little bit of digging around

Take, for example, Tax Accountants. is offering 98 local training events over the next three months in just about every state in the US and province in Canada. If you are looking for someone in Sales & Use Tax in Arizona, look no further than here:


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