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Shally’s Advanced Sourcing Search Strings Webinar, Wed. June 25th

Posted on June 15, 2008
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Start: Wednesday, 06/25/2008 – 1:00pm
End: 06/25/2008 – 2:30pm
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

* I strongly recommend attending this Webinar. This is the most advanced search engine sourcing class available today. This is NOT a software demo!

Please contact Kathy Maxwell, Operations Manager for JobMachine at 770-682-6988 or e-mail her at in order to pay by credit card.

Join JobMachine’s Founder and Chief CyberSleuth Shally Steckerl as he presents an exclusive 90-minute “how-to” webinar on utilizing the most advanced search strings he has ever created, and how to apply them to Broadlook’s new sourcing and recruiting software, Broadlook Diver. Shally will show you how to maximize efficiency in using search engines to find active and passive candidates.

When: Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 1:00 – 2:30 pm US EST

Who should attend?

* Advanced researchers interested in honing their skill with the most effective search strings available anywhere
* Busy recruiters, sourcers and researchers interested in automating the trivial nature of downloading contacts from resumes, bios, blogs and other search engine results pages
* Anyone considering purchasing Diver and wants to know its true capacities
* Anyone who is already using Diver and wants to get the most out of it
* Even if you don’t end up keeping Diver after the free trial, you’ll still benefit immensely from these super search strings

What you will learn:

* How to use search engines to find hard-to-find candidates in seconds
* Reduce 8 hours of finding résumés and online prospects to 15 minutes
* Source hard-to-find leads direct from within specific companies
* How to apply laser focused search techniques that you can use on just about any search engine
* Export results immediately to your ATS, CRM or use in a targeted email campaign

BONUS!!! For attending the webinar, you get:

* A free 14-day trial of Broadlook Diver (this is double the regularly available trial period)
* $150 off of the regular purchase price of Broadlook Diver (cannot be combined with other offers)
* Free use of Contact Capture to automatically grab contact info for multiple people appearing in any file, web page, etc. (a $209 value)
* Free use of the new “Title Research” widget to generate additional, relevant job titles to expand your search strings
* Plus, a special custom set of Shally’s super sourcing search strings you can load right into the Diver application

COST: $149.97

*The deadline for payment is June 25, 10:00 am US Eastern time*


2 Responses to “Shally’s Advanced Sourcing Search Strings Webinar, Wed. June 25th”

  1. Trina Spruance on June 17th, 2008 6:29 am

    I took Glenn Gutmacher’s webinar. I was unable to access the graphics and when I received the material via email Avast would not let it through.
    when I received the URL to download the material the URL did not work.

    I would LOVE to learn this material, but I need a combination of webinar instruction and written/graphic material. Will this be available? Can I get the written material BEFORE the webinar so I can have it available to assist me in grasping the subject matter? Please advise.

    Also can this process be accessed WITHOUT the software?

    Is the software affordable for a sole practitioner?

  2. Trina Spruance on June 17th, 2008 2:40 pm

    I’m not an experienced blogger — I thought the “comments” space was provided to ask questions regarding Shally’s webinar (information about which was just above.) Boy do I feel stupid! The good news is that Glenn kindly forwarded the material from his webinar to me witch I VERY much appreciate. Thank you Glenn!