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Shally’s Free White Paper on Calling Passive Candidates

Posted on November 5, 2007
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By Shally Steckerl, Founder, JobMachine, Inc.
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Zoominfo just published my Guide to Working With Passive Candidates. Register to download it free here and take some of the mystery out of passive candidate recruiting!

Uh… OK. But what is it about?

Let’s say you’ve found a bunch of great potential candidates, now what do you do? Using passive candidate leads can be the most difficult and time-consuming aspect of recruiting today, but it is becoming increasingly necessary as fewer candidates utilize traditional means to connect with potential employers. Zoominfo asked me to put together a white paper about this so I took my top three tips and summarized them in this 4 page PDF on approaching passive candidates.

But hold on a minute Shally, you are a sourcer… since when do you know about cold calling!

Right. Well that perception is due to the fact most people know my online antics, but not many know about what I do once I pick up a phone. You may not know this but I got my start in research in 1996 when I realized that as a contingency recruiter I could beat the competition by finding people who were not available in mainstream sources. That meant I had to cold call them because those candidates did not have resumes, and frankly not only were they not looking but also they just simply were not interested. This was particularly true for me during the “Y2K” and “Dot Com Boom” years when candidates were getting dozens of calls per hour.

I want to differentiate that to what I refer here and in the white paper is the art of initiating contact with passive candidates. Recruiting active candidates requires a different approach, as does the art of ethical telephone elicitation techniques sourcers utilize when conducting phone sourcing or “name generation” research.

Early in my career, back when I was as a contingency recruiter, I took courses from top recruiting cold calling trainers. During College I had formal training in persuasive communication techniques and NLP (Recruiting Animal wrote about this on his blog) but the most important thing I did was listen to my mentors. Oh -and practice. And by practice, I mean many embarrassing, uncomfortable cold calls that still make my arm hair stand on end.

The cold calls I learned about from the pros when I was in contingency search had to change dramatically once I took on a corporate role. Over time, with plenty of trial and lots of error, a few of us collaborated on developing a “corporate” cold calling technique. The result is an amalgamation of over 100 years of corporate cold calling experience into an easy to follow and simple one page flowchart that pre-empts a majority of initial objection scenarios. That, along with email and voicemail techniques, and other communication methods distilled for recruiters, are what today form part of my Cold Calling workshop.

Why am I telling you all this?

Lately my clients have been requesting this workshop more and more, and so I have taken notice. It caused me to do some research and start paying attention. What I found was so surprising it compelled me to take on that white paper when Zoominfo called, and it caused me to strengthen my Cold Calling curriculum. Here is what I found:

Very little has been written about cold calling passive candidates from within a corporate setting!

Yes, I know there are numerous articles, webinars, live workshops and trainers devoted to making calls from the perspective of an executive search firm, third party staffing partner, and contingency recruiter, but hardly any material exists to serve a recruiter that works from within the corporation. My years of experience in both types of roles have taught me that the calls are quite different. I hope this post sparks a debate because I’d like to see more people realize not just the differences but also the fact that there is so little out there about cold calling for corporate recruiters, and perhaps start getting the ideas rolling on this topic.

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    Would like to download your info about how to hire passive candidates.