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Shally’s Latest Super Sourcing Tips

Posted on November 23, 2008
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By Shally Steckerl, Founder, JobMachine

* Tip: finding resumes – mechanical engineers
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* Check out the New Sourcing Tools Section
* Webinar: Quick & Easy Formulas for Mining those Golden Leads

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This week’s tip is an excerpt from Mark Berger’s upcoming webinar titled
“Quick & Easy Formulas for Mining those Golden Leads:”

Try putting the names of college Honor Societies in your search string. Pi
Tau Sigma is the Honor Society for Mechanical Engineering. Your search
string would look like:

(intitle:resume | inurl:resume | inurl:cv | intitle:cv | inurl:vitae |
intitle:vitae) “Pi Tau Sigma” (design | engineering) “power systems”

That is if I were looking for ME’s to design or engineer power systems.
This search got me 30 hits on Google. Most of them resumes.

Don’t forget to look inside particular Universities. For example, MIT has
their own Pi Tau Sigma chapter (Pi Kappa) located here: Using the site: command and looking for a list of
members like this: Member List

you may discover this page: and if
you browse to the bottom of that page there’s a spreadsheet listing all 400
members of the Pi Kappa Chapter of Pi Tau Sigma since 1995:

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Ask the CyberSleuth:

Visit where you can post a question about your most
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Sourcing Tools Section:

Visit where we review and discuss tools to help
sourcers and recruiters do their job. You can ask questions and post
comments about any of the tools listed, or suggest one to be reviewed.

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Quick & Easy Formulas for Mining those Golden Leads webinar:

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 1pm US EST (90-minute webinar): “Quick & Easy
Formulas for Mining those Golden Leads”

This is a primer on how the recruiting community can utilize the search
engines to mine the Internet for passive candidate leads. This session will
offer various mining techniques. This is what you’ll learn:

* Discussion of Active vs. Passive Candidates
* Resume Search Techniques
* Name Search / Research Techniques
* A Few Best Practices
* Resources to Locate Contact Information

We offer a few basic resume search techniques, then some easy research
techniques for locating lists, org charts, names from associations,
candidate homepages, membership directories, honor society members,
candidates with credentials, company staff/employees, email address
searches, and alumni searches. You will also learn the process of how to
find contact information for the people you locate!

* Learn more or register at

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