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Shally’s Latest Updates on Linkedin’s New & Improved Features

Posted on January 11, 2008
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Shally announced 15 More countries have been added to LinkedIn Zip Code Radius search! Previously Shally broke the news that LinkedIn had expanded the “Zip Code Radius” search feature beyond just the USA to include postal codes in the UK and Canada.

Today he has some great news for International recruiters… 15 more countries have been added! That’s right! You can now search for a specific zip code in the following countries:

* Australia
* Belgium
* Denmark
* France
* Germany
* India
* Italy
* Mexico
* Netherlands
* Norway
* Poland
* South Africa
* Spain
* Sweden
* Switzerland

This is very exciting stuff… and you heard it from Shally first!

“We’ve been limited in our ability to search for users geographically on LinkedIn. Internationally all we could do was select a country and search “country wide.” In the Unitied States we were limited to a 50 mile radius, or what I like to call the ‘metropolitan area.’ This was somewhat limiting when searching in spread-out areas like the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, and Atlanta.”

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Now for the great news… Just before the Holiday season, Shally made headlines on the latest upcoming features on Linkedin

By Shally Steckerl, Founder JobMachine, Inc.

I have some great news for researchers! George Seiters hinted to this in my two minute video with him, but here’s the full scoop: with the new Pro Plus LinkedIn account I’ve been testing you can now find anyone inside LinkedIn – and you are no longer limited by they size of your network. They are calling this “All-Search” and it means that when you do a search for a particular job title or company name you find all the contacts that exist inside LinkedIn, even if you have only a handful of connections. In addition, with this account you can also see 1,000 results instead of the 500 available in other accounts, and you can use the postal code radius search I previously described for US, Canada and UK.

Allow me to translate: what this means is that you can now use your LinkedIn account to manage your true professional connections without necessarily having to worry about increasing the size of your network for pure search reasons. This is hot because now when you do a narrow (very specific) search you won’t be wondering if there’s people you missed. As long as your search results in less than 1,000 contacts will know with certainty that you have found all the contacts existing in LinkedIn for that set of criteria.

Another cool thing I’ve been experimenting with for about a year is now part of this new account type … READ MORE ..


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  1. Debby Byrnes on January 16th, 2008 3:46 pm

    Can you provide any help with recruiting in Tokyo, Japan?