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Shally’s Way, “MSN for Recruiters PDF eBook”

Posted on June 18, 2007
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By Shally Steckerl, Chief Cyberseluth, JobMachine Inc.

As a result of the popularity and rave reviews given to the Advanced CheatSheets for recruiters, Mark Berger suggested we co-author a detailed eBook on the subject. The result of our collaboration is a 65-page printable reference that strongly compliments and easily explains the concepts demonstrated in the CheatSheet.

Chock-full of examples, this eBook is designed to be a user-friendly and highly digestible learning guide that illustrates Advanced CheatSheets concepts like:
  • Utilizing lesser known and under utilized techniques to locate names and resumes of passive Internet candidates on the increasingly popular search engine,
  • Using resume generation techniques like intitle, inbody, geography, template searches, site searches, and others.
  • Maximizing name generation methods including association searches, employee homepage searches, home email address searches, company and college/university alumni searches, mailing list and blog searches and much more.
Purchase the MSN Book for Recruiters PDF eBook for $59.97 here:
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