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Shally’s Webinar – You Cannot Afford To Miss This Week’s Webinar! Register Today

Posted on October 21, 2007
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WHO: Shally “ELVIS of SOURCING GURU-ism” Steckerl
WHAT: Jobmachine’s Webinar Presentation – Sourcing capabilities of Broadlook’s Diver Tool
When: THIS Thursday, October 25th
1-2:30 pm EST

Friends, not just because I am a sourcing enthusiast, a fan of my friend Shally, nor am I receiving a cent of commission when I emphasize the significance of this opportunity. I am asking that you register today for one of Shally’s most value-added webinar yet. How is that? Consider this: IF you attend the webinar, you ALSO get:

* A FREE 14-day trial of Broadlook Diver (this is double the regularly available trial period)
* $150 off of the regular purchase price of Broadlook Diver (cannot be combined with other offers)

* One year of Contact Capture for FREE (a $209 value) – a terrific tool which collects name generation lead contact information and organizes the information instantaneously.

* Plus, a special custom CheatSheet of search strings you can install right into Diver Join JobMachine’s Founder and Chief CyberSleuth

Yes, all that my friends. I have yet to see so many wonderful extras associated with such an informative webinar that directly benefits your sourcing capabilities.

Join World Renown Sourcing Guru, Author, and Speaker, Shally Steckerl – the “Elvis” of today’s staffing industry, as he presents an exclusive 90-minute “how-to” webinar on Broadlook’s new sourcing and recruiting software, Diver. Shally will show you how to maximize efficiency in using search engines to find active and passive candidates with Diver.


* How to use search engines to find hard-to-find candidates
* Reduce 8 hours of finding résumés to 15 minutes
* Find internal organization charts within companies

The cost to attend this webinar is only $149.97


Registration Details will be automatically emailed to you after payment is complete. Please contact us if you would like to pay by check in the mail instead of credit card.


Broadlook Technologies is the leader in the development of innovative software applications and services that empower B2B business professionals to leverage the Internet for the market, sales, candidates and competitive intelligence necessary to grow revenues and improve productivity. For more about Broadlook, visit their website at or email directly at

About Shally Steckerl/JobMachine, Inc.

The focus of JobMachine’s practice is to add value to our customers’ sourcing and recruiting teams by helping them build core competencies and organizational capabilities around sourcing and research. Founder and Chief Cyber Sleuth Shally Steckerl got his start in research in 1996 when he realized that as a contingency recruiter he could beat the competition by finding people who were not available in mainstream sources. Since then he has built several world class sourcing and research organizations for large multinational organizations like Cisco, Motorola, Coke, Google and Microsoft. Shally now spends his time consulting with organizations interested in building global passive candidate pipeline generation teams and developing their advanced sourcing skills. As one of the most respected authorities in passive candidate research and talent pipeline development Shally is frequently requested to present at major conferences and invited to conduct private workshops. For more about Shally and JobMachine, visit, and to learn more about what Shally has to offer recruiters check out:

LinkedIn | Bio | MSN | Skype

Call: (720) 733-2022


3 Responses to “Shally’s Webinar – You Cannot Afford To Miss This Week’s Webinar! Register Today”

  1. Allen on October 22nd, 2007 12:21 pm

    Their competitor eGrabber have a better tool and is priced very competitively.

  2. Allen on October 22nd, 2007 12:25 pm
  3. Shally on October 22nd, 2007 6:31 pm

    Thanks for your comments! And Dave than you for the awesome endorsement!

    To clarify this is not an advertisement to promote a product. The search strings that will be demonstrated are among the most advanced I have ever publically revealed, and they work with the major search engines, regardless of what automation tools you may choose.

    With Broadlook as a sponsor I have the ability to offer participants a few freebies but the bulk of the session focuses on search strings that have never before been publically presented.

    I hope you come and join us!