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SIX DEGREES on RBC: MEGA LIST NETWORKING Cheer! (the Entire Year’s List!)

Posted on December 17, 2008
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Networking gets you closer to your next staffing gig and your next hire. right? That’s why You are receiving this Networking Newsletter as a member of “SixDegreesfromDave” We show you how to grow your network bigger, faster, and above all more quality with the industry’s biggest players! We encourage you to join us in extending the virtual handshake by connecting with those featured every week on our Top Ten+ Build your personal brand, develop job leads, extend your 1st, 2nd, 3rd level people search capabilities – it all starts with an invite. Share the love and pass it forward this Holiday Season and always!!


Who is Dave Mendoza ?

TOP TEN+ Holiday Cheer!

Tell them Dave Mendoza from SixDegrees from Dave highly recommended you Connect. (I Double Check !)

Tino Pajavaara,
Lina Papillo,
Josh Akers,
Rose Dougherty,
Irina Shamaeva,
Eric Gilson,
Linda Glass,
Denae Ramey,
Greg Amerault,
Lonnie McRorey,
Jessica Klingebiel,
Thomas FX Licari,


1) LINKEDIN – Log-In

2) A) CLICK DOWNLOAD – (which is the most direct way OR if you have issues
2) Ignore if CSV link above worked – (B) CLICK/Download – (the excel sheet will pop up, THEN -)

(1) YOU MUST – save the excel document which pops up as a CSV file in excel.
(2) Save As File Name, “Save as Type” “scroll down document formats until you see CSV (comma delimited)
3) When completed. Then CLICK –

4) You will see “Add Contacts” page on Linkedin. It will say within a green box – “Once you have created your export file, select it here. Choose only files in the following formats – csv, txt, vcf”
5) Click “Browse” (Select the CSV file you converted from excel format I provided) and Then “Upload Contacts File”
It will upload and then it will say –
6) “Please check the imported contacts -We successfully imported 19 contacts from your contacts file
Below are a few sample contacts. Does this information look correct?” (look under the list of contacts from the file you uploaded and then where it says “Yes contacts are correct – click “FINISH”
7) Finally it will say – “These are your newly added contacts that are not yet connected to you on LinkedIn. Invite them to connect!”
8) VERY VERY IMPORTANT: CLICK THE EMPTY BOX TAB next to “Add a personal note to your invitation” – INSERT within new box “Dave Mendoza from SixDegrees from Dave highly recommended I connect with you. (Double Check before you Invite send!)
10) Invite selected contacts


Log-in to Linkedin. Click the new green button, “Add Connections” located on the lower left sidebar menu of your homepage.

1. Click the green “Add Connections” on your Home page
2.Then Add FirstName, LastName, Email in each column (copy/paste each top ten person featured)
3. ALWAYS Add a personal note to your invitation” – Please state “Dave Mendoza/SixDegrees referred me”

Brought to you by Dave Mendoza
Adjunct Faculty, JobMachine
Partner, RecruitingBlogs

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