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Posted on November 5, 2008
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The semi-weekly top ten produced by SixDegrees promotes the concept of active networking within the recruitment community. Each person listed is someone I have personally met or have admired for their contributions within our industry. Movers and Shakers. My goal is that each person listed receive your welcome via a direct invitation, be it Linkedin, Facebook, etc — to your favorite social/professional network of choice. Welcome them with open arms and share best practices and let them simply know SixDegreesfromDave sent you.

Here at SixDegrees, our mantra is consistent: “It is Better to Give then to Receive.”

** I only ask that you please refrain from solicitation versus actual networking 🙂


Log-in to Linkedin. Click the new green button, “Add Connections” located on the lower left sidebar menu of your homepage.

1. Click the green “Add Connections” on your Home page
2.Then Add FirstName, LastName, Email in each column.
3. ALWAYS Add a personal note to your invitation” – Please state “Dave Mendoza/SixDegrees referred me”

INVITE TOP TEN – NETAPP (Special Thanks to Dan Harris for introducing me personally to the excellent staffing organization at NetApp!)

Grace Soriano-Abad,
Elise Graziano,
Tarun Diwan,
Jennifer Greger,
Greg Kayes,
YuSun Hwang,
Lelani Pascua,
Jennifer Greger,
Petra Pino,
Elverta Whitaker,
Jason Yick,
Fernando Delgado,
Kristin Durkin,
Warren Clark,
Jewell Buchanan,
Shane Threatt,
Louise Berto,
Julie Fleury,

*** WAIVER: Six Degrees does not specifically endorse anyone specific social network. I encourage you to be diverse, for example, Facebook, Linkedin and any other well known network (Also find them on RBC and introduce yourself!):

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  1. tatsyana on November 7th, 2008 4:55 pm

    Thanks Dave!