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Six Degrees Wins Popular Vote & CheezHead Wins 2006 Best Blog Awards

Posted on December 27, 2006
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Six Degrees wins the MOST amount of votes!
By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth and all round nice guy 🙂

Six Degrees earned the most votes, with 241 Votes cast, Gautam Ghosh, whose blog we hold in high esteem came in next, with Shally “Elvis” rounding out top three vote getters. Combined, Shally Steckerl, my partner at JobMachine, – and myself – acquired 429 votes out of all 2,654 votes cast!

JobMachine is spreading its message and now the votes attest to the impact our message has achieved in the industry.

I want to take this opportunity to heartily congratulate our friend, Joel Cheesman at Cheezhead as “Best Blog of the Year.” Joel earned 124 votes and won by committee decision – selected by Michael Keleman, Heather Hamilton, Dave Manaster, Harry Joiner, Jim Durbin, and Jason Davis, Founder at

Joel has done so much to bring attention and a huge audience to and its causes. He has been a true evangelist. He really earned it.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all who voted in general. The quality was rich and diverse. It was great to see so many good bloggers rewarded by their audiences for their contributions. A great deal of hard work expresses itself as if effortless by their sheer talents, but nonetheless my colleagues can attest to the discipline and creativity that comes with each submitted post. It is a community I respect, sincerely stated, and admire. I have had opportunities to learn from and befriend many of our fellow recruitment bloggers, and votes or no votes – what is at issue, is substantive. This community has done so much to raise the level of stature of our profession. I am proud to have joined such a distinguished group of people I am honored to call my friends.

On a personal note, I want to thank Dennis Smith, Jason Davis, Glenn Gutmacher, Gerry Crispen, and Shally for encouraging me to get more involved. They found me in a cave somewhere in Sri Lanka. (that’s what I tell my wife at least)

It’s been a fun ride.

There hasn’t been enough attention to some of the ground breakers in this genre. I’d like to focus the spotlight on such notables as Glenn Gutmacher and Jimmy Stroud who helped make Sourcing articles fun, Gretchen & Zoe @ JobSyntax as true innovators in Corporate Blogging for Talent, Tiffany at Magic Pot of Jobs (one of the very first Recruiter Bloggers), Recruiting Animal & Ami from Miami (Two of the best writers bar none in the blogosphere), JibberJobber (Best Candidate Based Blog) and Carl at Restaurant Recruiter (the best Actual GUI “Blogging for Talent” Setup I’ve seen this year), (Groundbreaking treatment of this critical talent sector), the very clean nice lines and edgy creativity in videoblogging being pioneered by Sean Rehder at TalentEcology, and my buddy ol’ pal …. Dennis Smith (the most committed “Live & Breathe” blogger I have ever known).

So many to speak of …

Given my time restraints I will be reading more than writing this year. There is more than enough talent to go around. Evangelizing Passive Talent and Talent Architecture on behalf of JobMachine is my number one priority in 2007 … oh and having fun.

I need a vacation, … perhaps in 2008 lol. You know, if anything about the Awards process put a sparkle in my eye, it was simply the chance to … do nothing at all at the end of the day sipping a Mojito and enjoying Kobe beef in … Prague? Vegas would do too 🙂 It’s been four years since I had fun and no responsibility and everyone spoke Estonian as I ordered more venison.

I digress.

Alas, I take this opportunity to lift my glass of milk and toast my friend Joel where he sits somewhere in Ohio at his favorite watering hole celebrating his chance to see the River Dance Troupe live in the town that tells no tales.

Below you can find the final results for all the blogs that were nominated and voted on by the recruitment industry. (The numbers beside the blog name represent the total amount of votes for that blog as voted by the public.)

Until we meet again my friends… Shock The Monkey!

Top 10

Six Degrees From Dave, 241 Votes – Top Vote Getter

Gautam Ghosh’s Blog, 190

Shally’s Cybersleuthing, 188

Taleo Blog, 181

Cheezhead, 124

JobOption Blog, 112

Jim Stroud, 110

ERE Group Blogs, 93

Microsoft Jobs Blog, 84

Recruiting Animal, 67

——————————–, 64

Guerrilla Jobhunting, 55

Simply Hired Blog, 55

Hiring Revolution, 54

Human Capitalist, 54

The Recruiting Edge, 51 Blog, 45, 44

Jason Goldberg, 44

Amitai Givertz, 43

CollegeRecruiter, Employers, 36

The CareerXroads Annex, 35

JibberJobber Blog, 33

EXCELER8ion, 33

CollegeRecruiter, Candidates, 31

Talentism, 30

Magic Pot Of Jobs, 28

Systematic HR, 28

Secrets Of The Job Hunt, 27

Minnesota Headhunter, 27

UKRecruiter Blog, 25

Your Hr Guy, 25

Jobsyntax, 24

Restaurant Recruiter, 24

Advanced Online Recruiting, 23

One Louder, 22

Amybeth Hale’s Blog, 22 21

Marketing Headunter, 19

CareerHub, 19, 19

CareerMetaSearch, 19

Job Search Engine Guide, 19

HRMDirect, 19

Boston Works, 16

Talent Software Blog, 16

CareerMetaSearch, 15, 14

Hire Calling, 11

Direcciony gestion de personas, 11

Ogilvy Blog, 9

Brazen Careerest, 8

Intel Recruiting Blog, 8

But Less About Me… 8, 7

George’s Employment Blawg, 6

Breakout Performance, 6

SittingXlegged, 5

Bob Parson, 4

The Desk, 3

Let JobCentral help you with your job search.


10 Responses to “Six Degrees Wins Popular Vote & CheezHead Wins 2006 Best Blog Awards”

  1. Jason Davis on December 27th, 2006 10:31 pm

    Nice Post. I’ll hyperlink these blogs in the morning.

  2. Gautam Ghosh on December 27th, 2006 11:59 pm

    Hi Dave

    Congrats ! 😀


  3. Steven Rothberg, on December 28th, 2006 12:39 pm

    I’m glad that your video was about shocking the monkey rather than touching your monkey, as Dieter on Saturday Night Live’s Sprockets used to say. Am I dating myself?

  4. Tiffany on December 28th, 2006 1:28 pm

    I don’t think I’m even close to one of the first Recruiting Bloggers- I know I came to the party well after, for example, but since no one else seems to put their chronological archive links on their blogs, I can’t tell.

    That said, having been a blogger for 5 years, it’s not a bad bet to say I’ve been blogging longer than most of the recruiting bloggers. It’s just that I wasn’t talking about recruiting. 😉

  5. Jason Alba on December 28th, 2006 1:54 pm

    congrats El Dave – cool results.

  6. Blog on December 28th, 2006 7:08 pm

    Two Winners…

    Two of my favorite members of the recruiting blogosphere are Dave Mendoza and Joel Cheesman. Both care deeply about their clients and profession and are very knowledgeable. I always learn something whenever I talk with them. For a fully recovered……

  7. Amitai Givertz on December 29th, 2006 2:08 am

    Kudos on your landslide victory! Keep blogging up a storm.

  8. :: MonReal:: Diario profesional sobre recursos humanos, reclutamiento online y marketing a candidatos on December 29th, 2006 5:26 am

    […] Desde el blog más votado, Six Degrees From Dave, podéis ver los resultados. […]

  9. Restaurant Jobs on January 2nd, 2007 4:30 pm

    Now Dave, despite the comments to the contrary, we know that you just couldn’t find a “spank” video. 😉

    Great job! It didn’t shock me.

    Restaurant Recruiter | Restaurant Jobs | Restaurant Recruiters >> Blog

  10. Joe Neitham on January 3rd, 2007 5:43 am

    Congrats Dave! Keep blogging and keep networking..we love ya!