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Posted on March 11, 2010
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SixDegreesfromDave was renown for passing it forward with it’s Top Ten Linkedin Features. At one point, nearly 1,000 invites per person featured were sent in a single 24 hour period! In today’s ever changing social media world, we make changes to reflect that evolution with emerging technologies. As of today we now start the ever more viral means of sharing best practices with a series of TOP TEN TWITTER for the staffing industry. We will feature people I know first hand, respect, and genuinely believe are making a difference in our industry as practitioners, innovators and Thought Leaders. This is by NO means a random listing series. Our listings are always carefully reviewed and vetted by prior contributions. We begin our first in a series featuring the Sourcing Apprentice program made famous by Shally Steckerl’s Mentor Program.

TWITTER TOP TEN – Inaugural Edition:
Industry’s Renown Sourcing Leadership

  • Shally Steckerl
  • Glenn Gutmacher
  • Maureen Sharib
  • Dave Mendoza
  • Russ Moon
  • Tim O’Connor
  • Steve Rath
  • Laurie DesAutels
  • Teresa Bustamante
  • Dan Harris
  • Josh Kahn

    1) Set up a Twitter Account. It takes 2 minutes, tops. Fast & Easy. Login
    2) Click each of the names listed ABOVE in the top ten and click “Follow”
    3) Done!

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  • You can follow the endorsement ethic similar to Linkedin by recommending Twitter accounts For example, here is a common format to consider:

    @davemendoza strongly recommends @carolmahoney #mrtweet as the leading corporate #staffing #talent acquisition expert. To infinity & Beyond
    @davemendoza strongly recommends @shally for his genuine passion for community, #recruiter leadership contributions, brotherhood & hands-on mentorship.


    We have three very special features to share, Two former corporate Talent Acquisition Executives at Yahoo! and the other by a fellow recruiter who understands relationship skills is not a single transaction. In the Twitter spirit feel free to ReTweet each of the following articles: RT @davemendoza (!)

    SixDegreesfromDave Reflections: #recruiter Brian Kevin Johnston is Hands-on Client Relationships

    Thought Leader, Carol Mahoney ‘Is’ Talent Acquisition On Demand

    Libby Sartain, Chief People Officer Yahoo Interview –

    Who is Dave Mendoza? A Reminder with my BIO

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    1. @HRMargo on March 12th, 2010 12:10 am

      I would love to interview you for my blog. I’ve been following you on twitter, and am your friend and fan on facebook. I’ve been doing what you are recommending here for the past six months. I’ve been bored with #FollowFriday for quite some time. I thank the people who give me a nod, but I knew there had to be a more innovative way to recognize people we respect. So, I changed it up a little. On Friday’s I give out what I affectionately refer to as “the coveted @HRMargo awards including what that person does best, with hash tags,and recognition etc. 3 weeks ago, I asked my friends to embrace something I call #HireFriday. Instead of #FollowFriday, tweet the name of someone you know in transition, their title, industry, location, & a few descriptive key words to help that person get connected. Instead of giving an unemployed friend a hug, give them a leg up, I’d say, and introduce them to your contact network. On my blog I wrote two posts about it. I registered the name on and a few of my connections at embraced the concept. They posted interesting articles for people in transition. The purpose of #HireFriday isn’t for recruiters to tweet or spam job…it’s for candidates, it puts the spot light, where the spot light belongs. Recruiters benefit, the candidates benefit, hiring managers benefit, and most importantly, the families of those unemployed people benefit.
      Recognition is important. But when it isn’t sincere, or have meaning and merit, it is of little value.

      #FollowFriday, with it’s stacks and rows of names isn’t of value…but connecting a person in transition with a job is.

      Dave, I applaud your efforts here. I do believe in what you are doing. There’s obscure folks like me who are trying to fight the good fight and help the little guy. It’s why I started my blog. It’s why I launched my blogtalkradio show Compassionate HR. I want to make a difference in my own little way. I believe in featuring people in our industry who go above and beyond the call of duty to be stewards of their community. That is the true meaning of leadership. Giving is its own reward.

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