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SixDegreesfromDave Reflections: Brian Kevin Johnston is Hands-on Client Relationships

Posted on March 11, 2010
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On February 22, We featured Brian Levin Johnston. In the past 4 years we have pursued our series of interviews highlighting the unsung heroes of our staffing industry detailing professional and personal life and industry perspectives. In that time, I have had the pleasure of a few and rare surprise in my mailbox with a hand written card of appreciation and thoughtful packages; I am guessing at most five or so. It’s not that it is expected, necessarily desired – but it speaks volumes about the sincerity of recruiters understanding the people skills that motivate their success. With this back drop in mind, Brian K. Johnston has surprised me not only once, but twice with a thoughtful card. Yesterday – believing it was a package for my wife, I learned today that in fact he had sent a care package full of gourmet brownies.

This is not an advertisement for brownies or other concoctions, though I will say I especially appreciated the buffalo meat package Shally once sent me lol. In all seriousness, what I have to say is that as recruiters we are in the people business. When we run the Top Ten networking listings or the interview series we do it to bring genuine pass-it-forward moxy to the table as a showcase for the phrase that should mean something. In doing so, I can say that a phone call confirming acknowledgment is a rare pleasure. In this case, Brian exemplifies that he puts forth an understanding why he is so successful developing clients and developing trust with his relationship building skills. Not only has he had the US Postal Service at work to bring a smile – he regularly tweets to promote all those we have featured in interviews since his own. He comments and asks questions of those featured interviewees. Simple? Yes, but uncommon and meaningful. I cannot say anyone has been as consistent to share the limelight with others as promotes the realization of the experience that it is to share best practices as he has. Not a one.

We need more Brian Kevin Johnston’s in our business. Not because of care packages, but because he cares about building relationships. In our business you would think it was the norm, but rather, the self promotion aspect becomes a single transaction. Brian sincerely understood the ‘experience’ of what it is to have their understanding of the industry shared, the motivation of being in the “People Business” and abides by my mantra “It’s all about the love.” Yes it is a corny mantra, but one that evokes a genuine heart felt warmth within me to assist others because I sincerely believe that others have a story to share and worth being promoted by their peers. It’s not about the biggest billers or the innovation alone – it is about reminding us every once in a while why we prevail through upturns and downturns in the economy. I know that Brian smiles and shares at the dinner table with his family the stories of the lives he changes with a hiring offer. He understands he is putting food on someone’s elses dinner table. He reminded me of the passionate, if not odd dedication to bring that adrenaline rush to my chemistry every time I felt or wanted to feel I made in impact in someone else’s lives.

Many times, like a soldier coming home from the battlefield we forget to share what we experienced, as if duty alone compelled us, if not the cause. We do something special. We serve mankind. Grandiose statement you may say, but look at Brian – he knows his skill sets helps an unemployed person pack his grocery cart a little more full or means a tricycle for someone’s daughter. It’s the little things to the grand we impact – if we really care.

We need more Brian K. Johnston’s but for now I can happily state that I have my own experience with this singularity in an industry that could use many more.


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