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Social Media Awakening: @flyfrontier Gets Caught Lying to Twitters

Posted on May 26, 2010
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UPDATE: @flyfrontier responds to hundreds of tweets in support of my complaint by – lying to each Tweeter and saying they responded to me today to address my concerns. This has now become a story worthy of chapter in a book, similar to the Dell story recounted in “What would Google Do” by Jeff Jarvis. Making statements divorced from the truth is bad for your brand. Or fantastic for a Social Media Awakening against your company.

Here they make matters worse by silently DM each tweeter “Our Customer Relations team has reviewed this matter and responded to Mr. Mendoza.”

If you did, one would imagine I wasn’t satisfied, that an apology was not forthcoming, that no act of compensation was rendered. No. No. And No.

If by that you mean an old $50 voucher inquiry, – I am referring to non comical approaches. Now remember this incident was reported may 13th – Thirteen Days ago.

If you think like to the Twitter Universe is bad, or simply find it naughty to lie in general let the following people at frontier Airlines know. I am sure they would love to hear from you. Why wouldn’t they, right?

When I called today (I did – notice?) would not let me speak to a Director or Manager directly. Imagine that.

JOIN THE GREAT BOYCOTT of FRONTIER AIRLINES – or just experiment and see whether Frontier Airlines cares about its Brand. Here are a few emails I recommend for your writing pleasure:


One Response to “Social Media Awakening: @flyfrontier Gets Caught Lying to Twitters”

  1. Steph @ ConsumerBell on May 26th, 2010 8:18 pm

    Dave –

    Read this on Twitter. Wow. I wonder what else is lied upon on Twitter by companies?

    This would make a GREAT featured complaint today on ConsumerBell. Can we do a write up?

    We’re aiming to create a collective consumer power and put that power back in the hands of consumers. We just launched last week, but have already succeeded in helping those that come to us.

    We posted a blog about Zappos doing it right with, and this is a perfect example of doing it WRONG.