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Sourcecon Highlights: Russ Moon & John Turnberg Present “Firefox Add-ons” As Sourcing Tools

Posted on March 22, 2010
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At last week’s Sourcecon conference, one of the most anticipated and well received breakout sessions was the Firefox Lab. Russ Moon and John Turnberg presented one of the first “Crowd Sourcing” themed discussions as a means to interact as a community in sharing their top “add-ons” and how to use them, in return for gaining that same information from a broad universe of fellow Firefox users.

Attendees benefitted with extensive knowledge of how to use the web and an ability to be more productive using browser add-on capabilities. The goal of the presenters was to enhance the relationships formed during this session beyond the San Diego sesssion; instead, they facilitated a network of Firefox experts which attendees could take advantage of both during and after their session attendance.
Speakers: Russ Moon, John Turnberg

  • It was an amazing two day learning experience and I thank the ERE team in addition to Kate and Amy for the excellent content and organization of such outstanding presenters.

    About the Presenters

    Russ Moon is a SourceCon veteran, renown Sourcing Tool Beta Tester; i.e., Broadlook Technologies, Zoominfo, Jigsaw, CareerBuilder, PureDiscovery, AutoSearch.
    John Turnberg is a senior Technical Sourcer at Tesla Motors. He is an expert in the areas of Sourcing, CRM, Boolean Logic, Advanced Internet Research, Training, Recruiting, Data Management


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