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Sourcing at Lightspeed with Shally’s Super Sourcing Shortcuts for Broadlook Diver

Posted on January 31, 2008
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc.
(720) 733-2022

REGISTER HERE for Shally’s New Broadlook Diver Webinar!

On February 8th at 1pm US EST Shally will be presenting an exclusive 90-minute “how-to” webinar on utilizing the most advanced search strings Shally has ever created. NOTE: You don’t need Diver to take advantage of this webinar, and… Shally doesn’t get any commission for copies sold, but after this session you are going to wonder how you can get by without using this amazing sourcing automation tool.

This is NOT a software demo! This is a very advanced search engine sourcing class for serious researchers who want to automate the time-consuming, repetitive, and tedious task of downloading results from search engines. During the session Shally will go over how he builds advanced deep web search syntax to source resumes and prospect ldeas. This is unlike anything you have seen Shally do before.

For example, did you know you could use Diver to download a big list of names free from JigSaw using a simple Google hack?

Try this in Diver (of course, replacing with your own target company): intitle:in.jigsaw’s “COMPANY NAME”

Just one page of results will get Diver to click through to JigSaw and inhale a bunch of results. They don’t have phone numbers but those are easy enough to get once you have the names 🙂

Register for the webinar here:

When: Friday, February 8th 1-2:30 pm US EST
Cost (incl. training materials) is only $149.97 per line!

Should you attend?

  • Yes, if you are an advanced researcher interested in honing your skill with the most effective passive lead generation search strings available anywhere…
  • Yes if you are a busy recruiter, sourcer or researcher interested in automating the trivial nature of downloading contacts results pages
  • And DEFINITELY YES if you are considering purchasing Diver and want to know its true capacities
  • And ABSOLUTELY YES if you are already using Diver and want to get the most out of it

    What you will learn:

  • How to use search engines to find hard-to-find candidates in seconds
  • How to reduce 8 hours of finding résumés and online prospects to 15 minutes
  • How to source hard-to-find leads direct from within specific companies
  • How to apply laser focused search techniques that you can use on just about any search engine

    For attending the webinar, you get:

  • A free 14-day trial of Broadlook Diver (this is double the regularly available trial period)
  • $150 off of the regular purchase price of Broadlook Diver (cannot be combined with other offers)
  • One year of Contact Capture for free (a $209 value)
  • Plus, a special custom set of my Super Sourcing Search Strings you can load right into the Diver application

    Cost (incl. training materials) is only $149.97 per line!

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