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Stan Relihan Podcast Interviews: Social Networking in The Fortune 500

Posted on March 24, 2008
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, an Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc.
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My friend, Stan Relihan, is a renown podcast interviewer who has been consistently building a media library of fantastic content.

Stan Relihan
LinkedIn: Connect With Stan

Stan Relihan is one of Linkedin’s Top 50 Power Connectors, world-wide, and a leading Executive/Retained Search recruitment consultant in Sydney, Australia – and a with over 10,000 connections.

Stan is a tireless giver, sharing fun and exceptional content with a 20-minute weekly audio Podcast show, ‘Connections’ on The Art of Business Networking. In addition to being someone I admire, and have had the pleasure of having several conversations – he would be a tremendous boost to your network. Each week, Stan talks with a leading industry figure or LinkedIn personality, sharing their experience & advice with his listeners. Of particular interest, he has been featuring LinkedIn’s Top 50 most-connected ‘Power Users.’ Stan interviews a different guest from his extensive network of connections to discuss how Web 2.0 applications and social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn can be used to deliver business benefit.

Whether you’ve a social networking ‘newbie’ or a veteran ‘Power User’, listening to ‘Connections’ will give you real, useful advice on how to get maximum benefit from your network. I strongly recommend Clicking Each of the following links to learn from the “Greats” in social networking:

  • Connections #026 – Insights from a $3 Billion Man – HP
  • Connections #023 – Oracle and Enterprise 2.0 – Oracle

  • Connections #018 – Improving Performance & Profitability – IBM & Deloitte

  • Connections #013 – It’s all about Collaboration – Cisco
  • Connections #021 – Spock – The People Search Engine Jay Bhatti
  • Connections #025 – Rebuilding a Network from Scratch – Marc Freedman

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