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Steve Rothberg’s Audio Kennedy Series – “Using Targeted Emails & Cell Phone Text Messaging (SMS) as Recruiting Tools”

Posted on April 12, 2007
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Recruiting and Retention Audio Conference on Thursday, April 12, 2007 at 1 p.m.
Part 3 of the 3-Part“Best Practices: How to Effectively Reach and Recruit the College Market,” Audio Training Series

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Since the commercial birth of the Internet a decade ago, virtually all employers have confined themselves to on-line versions of traditional recruitment advertising vehicles. Rather than posting classified ads in newspapers, they post job openings. Rather than running display ads in magazines, they run banner ads. Both methods deliver a high quantity of responses but the quality tends to be quite low. Many third party recruiters and some corporate recruiters use resume searching because the quality tends to be quite high, but resume searching is so time consuming that the quantity tends to be too low. Two great solutions are targeted email and cell phone text messaging (SMS) campaigns as they combine the high quantity delivered by job postings with the high quality delivered by resume searching at a cost per hire that is comparable to both.

If your organization is considering using targeted email or cell phone text messaging campaigns as part of your recruitment process, then you’ll want to participate in this interactive, humorous presentation by Steven Rothberg, President and Founder of In part because the college students and recent graduates who use are more receptive to newer technologies, is a recognized leader in the fields of targeted emails and cell phone text messaging with clients ranging from the military to intelligence agencies to restaurant chains to retailers to consulting companies.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The attitudes and trends toward email and text messaging
  • The rules of engagement and how to build and buy your own lists
  • How to execute the campaign and develop a relevant recruiting message
  • The importance of these steps and nuts-and-bolts methods for implementing them
  • The many components that make up great targeted email and cell phone text messaging recruiting programs
  • How you can get started building your own
  • About the Presenter:

    Steven Rothberg, president of was born in Winnipeg, Canada.
    After graduating from the University of Manitoba in Canada, he moved to Minneapolis and graduated from the School of Law at the University of Minnesota. He eventually launched, one of the highest traffic job boards targeted to students, recent graduates and the employers who want to hire them. Steven continues to serve as president and is widely recognized as an expert in online advertising, particularly in the areas of affiliate programs, E-newsletters, and career sites.

    Steven has been widely quoted by local, regional, national and international media, including the Associated Press, CNN, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fortune Magazine, the NACE Journal of Career Planning & Employment, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. He is a frequent guest on radio and television shows, including CNN Headline News, CNN Radio, Entrepreneur Radio, National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation, Bloomberg Radio and he regularly speaks at conferences related to online recruitment and the recruitment of college students and recent graduates.

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