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Steven Kempton @ Asia Pacific HeadHunter Writes on Recruiters who Get Bad Reps

Posted on August 18, 2006
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Asia Pacific HeadHunter is always an awesome read and yesterday Steven Kempton tackled the issue of the type of situations and recruiters who can often give the industry a bad reputation. The underlining theme is feedback is essential.

Personally, I would add the addendum, “FOLLOW-UP IS KEY” – to the equation. Candidates are often impressed given their prior experiences with recruiters,to get a call or email a year later to check up on them, even if its just asking for referrals. Social Networking platforms such as Linkedin, OpenBC, Spoke, and others – offer a new prescription to a once ailing industry in the form of tools which build networking beyond the immediate needs call or email into a valued reationship. Google Desktop searches and other such apps help make the recall of relevant peeps all the more possible. The end result to adapting today’s evolving tools is establishing trust with your audience, the candidates. Make them sincere relationships, give not only take, and both candidate and recruiter create a value-add: genuine friendships and an ever broadening referral tree.

If real estate has Location! Location! Location! as its mantra, so would the recruitment industry do well to adopt its own: Relationships!, Relationships!, Relationships!

Steven writes:

Last week I got asked the following question: “Why is it a good number of your peers are seedy? I’d place most recruitment agent’s morals pretty close to used car salesmen.” I haven’t worked out if the question was really a hint. But I thought I would give my answer here so anyone else could let me know there thoughts too.

1. There are a lot of recruiters out there – some of them are trouble. There are always some bad apples in any bunch.

2. There are also a lot of recruiters who are not particularly experienced and often upset candidates and clients without even knowing it. I have done that, but in my own and their defence, you don’t get experience without having experiences.

3. There are even more candidates out there who get turned down for positions than there are recruiters. And there is no doubt that rejection is hard to take. No matter how experienced and how thick skinned we may be. Those candidates spread bad stories around about recruiters in online forums and to their friends.

4. There are a lot of candidates who can’t understand what recruiters do and get upset when they don’ t seem to act in the way they think they should. For example, they won’t tell them who their clients are before they know them, or they can’t seem to get feedback on issues that are important to them. I could write a whole other post on this.

So, there are four reasons. But really, I have one more which I truly believe. Most of my peers aren’t seedy. In fact I have met some of the most intelligent and caring people since I joined the recruitment industry. People who make a difference and who make an effort to go out of their way to help others. So that is my real answer. I feel sorry for my friend who has had a bad experience with whoever he met, but he was wrong to think that the entire industry is full of the same kind of people.

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