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Ten Critical Considerations Towards Establishing A Successful Talent Mapping Strategy

Posted on December 9, 2013
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In the course of my research, formulating a successful talent mapping strategy requires ten considerations to ensure successful execution on behalf of a corporate talent acquisition organization:

1. What universities and trade schools do competitors invest resources in?
2. What are the most common, identifiable patterns that reflect sources of hire among key competitors?
3. Who do they hire from, and are there commonalities evident within job title descriptions?
4. What product verticals align most appropriately to corporate offerings, and are the skillsets involved consistent?
5. What terminologies signify quotas exceeded established norms within a competitor’s sales organization and can we establish a baseline for industry baselines in measuring performance?
6. What are key indicators of recognition and awards among key business functions such as R&D and sales?
7. What is the average length of time identified to progress from a graduate intern to a software architect or management role?
8. Has your organization selected a platform as a depository to archive the critical data inputs established above?
9. Has your talent organization organized these critical data inputs within a framework of a ‘Talent Knowledge Library’ and made it available at an enterprise level, and is the data accessible in real-time?
10. How do all the above compare to the organization’s own, internal talent acquisition functions in determining source of hire, and how can that knowledge translate into actionable improvements in time-to-fill and cost-per-hire?

How do all the above questions factor in terms of codifying best practices in the organizational process of your talent acquisition strategy?


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