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86 people have recommended Dave Mendoza

“Dave’s telling biographies turn a new leaf in investigative reporting about our Industry. When he is not revealing the minds of industry leaders Dave does a great job of summarizing the zeitgeist of what is going on in the blogsphere. Not only is he a master in social networking, which comes naturally to him, but he also has the gift of being able to effectively communicate how he builds his network in a way that helps others easily do it themselves. Inquisitive, dedicated and sincere, Dave’s drive towards constant improvement and sharing have propelled him into success. Having observed his technical savvy and creativity first-hand as his coach and mentor, it is plain to see why he is in such high demand. Dave’s generosity of spirit and willingness to connect on many levels puts him in a class of his own. Its an honor to count him a friend.”
— Shally Steckerl, Vice President, Arbita, Founder of JobMachine, Inc.

“It’s my pleasure to recommend Dave Mendoza. I met Dave through Gerry Crispin when I was at Yahoo! Since then, Dave is a trusted talent acquisition strategy advisor with whom I stay closely connected to learn about the most up to date tools and strategies for unearthing and engaging specific talent communities. Dave has the uncanny ability to stay updated on the latest trends in the talent arena and translate them into recruiting strategies and tactics that are both simple and brilliant in the same breath. Most recently he consulted with me at OPOWER. In that engagement he added value in a very short time and his contributions had an immediate impact on our technical recruiting success. First, he developed a sourcing toolbar that was customized for our technical recruiting needs. Our recruiters use it daily to help them find on-target prospects fast. In addition, Dave created a competitive intelligence-based, talent map for us with detailed information about our target talent communities and online, niche-oriented, marketing strategies for reaching them. It is our recruiting bible and it is so rich in data and insights that we have only scratched the surface in using it fully to meet our needs.Dave combines deep industry knowledge and technical savvy with high integrity and a strong work ethic. I will hire Dave again and again. He is an encyclopedia of information, has his pulse on the talent market, and he delivers. A strong combination.”
— Carol Valenti Mahoney, Talent Acquisition On Demand – Former VP of Talent Acquisition at Yahoo!

“When it comes to data mining, Internet sleuthing, SEO or anything Internet-technical, Dave is who I contact first. He is not only smart as hell, he also has a great personality and ability to make the complicated stuff easier to understand. I am always amazed at how much he knows about the arcane world of search and appreciate the value he can bring to anyone who has to use the Internet to find people or information.”
— Kevin Wheeler, President/Founder, Global Learning Resources, Inc./ AustralAsian Talent Conference

“Dave Mendoza has a true talent and passion for staffing strategy. Beyond the usual, well under the surface, his ideas resonate and influence his clients colleagues to take that next step. Coupled with a powerful commitment to deliver, Dave succeeds and leads.”
— Gerry Crispin, SPHR, Principal, CareerXroads

“I have read Dave’s strategic document and action plan on how he would implement a sourcing strategy well integrated with employer branding. It illustrates his knowledge because it is well thought-out. In addition to his quick rise in the recruiting blogosphere, he is also one of the industry’s most eager learners of sourcing methodologies and applies them well. As this combination gels, I’m sure other industry observers will agree I expect great things from him as he evolves into a subject matter expert and/or assumes other leadership roles.”
— Glenn Gutmacher, Vice President, Arbita ACES, Former Recruiting Researcher, Microsoft

“Dave is one of the most creative and dynamic recruiting professionals that I know. He is totally committed to providing recruiting excellence to his clients and to the industry as a whole. I am constantly amazed at the perspectives that he brings and his willingness to think of ideas and solutions from different points of view. His passion for the work that he does is incredible and the energy that he exhibits is truly remarkable. He is a leading strategist in the industry on many levels, thinking 2 or 3 steps ahead of what current “conventional wisdom” dictates. He has also done a fantastic job of elevating this thinking to be relevant on a global scale. I highly recommend his work and look forward to continuing to work with him in some capacity in the future!”
— Kevin Stakelum, Staffing Manager, Microsoft Corporation

“Dave has been an excellent research resource and has been able to provide insight into sourcing techniques that distinguish us from the field. He is always willing to share best practices, and has developed a huge semiconductor social network. His ability to tap this network have provided excellent opportunities for us to utilize programs we would not have used in a corporate setting before.”
— Bill Fulton, Sourcing Manager/University Relations Manager, Freescale Semiconductor

“Dave has done a wonderful job educating me and my entire staff on how we can increase our recruiting capability through the use of advanced sourcing techniques. I highly recommend this value added program for all staffing groups. He is very personable, creative and knowledgeable in his field.”
— Pat Johnson, Director Staffing and Development at Fairchild Semiconductor

“Dave applies working technology and sourcing in way that most recruiters haven’t even thought about…or even myself. His focus on relationship building is something that I hold vital when it comes to sourcing passive candidates…relate before you recruit. Dave’s thoroughness in research allows for that.”
— Sean Rehder, Principal, Rehder Talent Logistics

“Dave is a results-driven cyber sleuth who finds passive candidates under every nook and cranny of the internet. I’ve worked with Dave and he is a phenomenal sourcer. Dave has many great ideas for building online communities and setting up your organization for future network communities to hire from. Dave and I have filled many positions together. I would highly recommend Dave and his sourcing abilities.”
— Brendan Moran, Sr. Recruiter Consultant, Palm, Inc.

“Dave is a phenomenal Executive Search Consultant! Dave’s experience and tenacity, his professionalism and thoroughness have made him a tremendous asset to our IR recruiting team. I am pleased to say that Dave has become an integral part of our recruiting strategy. Dave is a senior corporate staffing professional with a mastery of skills in research and networks throughout the semiconductor industry as our principal liaison to transitioning displaced alumni among leading competitors He is skilled at full-cycle recruitment, staffing plan definition and Internet advertising and sourcing.”. Dan Guerrero, Global Staffing Manager, International Rectifier”
— Dan Guerrero, Talent Manager, International Rectifier

“Dave has a unique ability to stay abreast of the curve as it builds while at the same time mastering things which are so new there is no template. A prime example of this ability has been Dave’s vision in recognizing networking and networks via the web with both the vision of a first adapter and the skill of a master. I can count on Dave to follow-through on his word, which is unique, he is someone I consider a friend who is “low maintenance” in that he is easy to be around. Given the pace we work at this is a refreshing combination of attributes which make Dave “El Dave”
— Russ Moon, Talent Find LLC, Former Internal Sourcing Consultant Enterprise Integration Projects at Wachovia A Wells Fargo Company

“Dave recently presented his “Sourcing Guru’s Guide to LinkedIn” to our local SHRM affiliate’s members. Dave’s presentation was a perfect combination of a general discussion of the use of technology and social networking as it relates to sourcing and recruitment, and practical “how to” tips for leveraging LinkedIn to drive better results for our organizations immediately. He freely shared his expertise and advise, and showed a remarkable ability to “roll with the punches” when he experienced technical difficulties. (I think the unique audience participation method he used may have actually been MORE effective than what he originally had planned using the internet.) It was an energizing and informative session with immediate, actionable take-aways. I highly recommend him and this topic of presentation.”
— Scottie Girouard, VP Talent Management at RedPrairie

“Dave Mendoza is a pioneer and a futurist in the recruiting industry. His years of experience and expertise in creative and innovative recruiting solutions makes him an excellent resource for any business. He is the recruiting professional colleague I go to for fresh ideas and sound advise. I refer Dave Mendoza to any and all opportunities without any hestitation.” (April 1, 2005)
— Lisa Hovagimyan, Senior Executive Recruiter, Cisco

“Dave was a true asset to our team and the research he provided proved invaluable to our staffing efforts. The amount of information and level of detail that Dave provided was truly impressive and I am in awe of his sourcing skills. I highly recommend his services for any staffing organization.”
— Matt Tager, Senior Technical Recruiter (Contract), Linkedin Corporation

“Dave helped me at LinkedIn source for hard to find passive candidates and did a fantastic job producing engineering talent in this competitive market. The extensive research he did for us resulted in hires that we probably wouldn’t have found and he provided us with excellent sourcing data. I would recommend Dave for anyone who needs an expert sourcer.”
— Hilary Taubman-Dye, Staffing Manager, LinkedIn

“Kind and creative, friendly and motivated are what come to mind when I think of Dave – and then there are his amazing marketing and networking skills, as well. His charm and wit makes working with Dave both fun and interesting. In going over ideas with Dave, I have always found him fair and at times challenging my ideas directly, at times indirectly, but always for the better result. He is a valuable colleague and friend someone I hope to continue working with for a long, long time.””
— Anna Brekka, Director, Kennedy Information

“Dave and I connected while working at Google. Dave is a leader in staffing. Dave is always on the cutting edge of sourcing techniques. Moreover, Dave is just a nice guy whom is always willing to help out a trusted friend. I highly recommend Dave for any Staffing role or the course material with Job Machine for staffing professionals who may want some extra help with finding passive candidates.- Diane”
— Diane Hill (Koenig), Senior Corporate Recruiter, Yahoo, Google Alum

“Dave provided training on sourcing to Dell’s recruiters recently. His knowledge of the material covered was very deep, his training was hands-on to allow the recruiters to execute the searches themselves, and he provided materials to ensure the optimization of the lessons learned. Dave’s even offered assistance with general Linkedin introduction to ensure the methods taught could be immediately put into practice. I think Dave’s methods will certainly advance the searches our recruiters can execute as we seek out high-quality talent.”
— Kim Rutledge, Director Talent Acquisition, Americas at Dell

“From the first time I met Dave, I knew that he was a special talent. His dedication to transferring his sourcing knowledge is none like I have ever seen. Tesoro had JobMachine in recently to present proven methodologies and tools that will catapult our Staffing Organization to the next level. I look forward to a long standing partnership as well as friendship.”
— Mark O’Connor, Staffing Manager at Tesoro Companies, Inc.

“Dave’s passion for networking and sourcing is visibly evident everytime I have ever crossed-paths with him. Dave understands as good as anyone that great recruiting is based upon relationships and connections. When Dave talks/writes about networking, I listen. You should too!”
— Ben Gotkin, National Recruiting Director, RSM McGladrey, Inc.

“I recently had the pleasure of attending Dave’s presentation titled “Guru’s Guide to Sourcing on LinkedIn”. Dave shared an amazing amount of information and practical tips to optimize your experience with the LinkedIn network. Every participant walked away with several techniques that they could immediately put into action. Dave’s style embraced the entire group and created a fun and dynamic learning environment for all. I highly recommend for everyone interested in building their network.”
— David Sawyer, Vice President, Workforce Planning – Magellan Health Services

“Dave was a featured Presenter and Trainer for Dell’s Talent Acquisition Academy, our in-house initiative to ensure that our Corporate TA teams are up to date on the latest sourcing and recruiting tools. Dave did a great job with our entire team, and has provided additional follow-on training directly to the Services TA team at Dell. I appreciated Dave’s ability to relate to the varied experience levels we have on our team, his enthusiasm, and making the entire process fun!”
— Brian Whitten, Talent Acquisition Manager Corporate Services at Dell

“Dave delivered a great presentation for our group at Dell. He opened our eyes to a multitude of techniques for getting directly to the highly-skilled candidates that our business requires. Dave knows the ropes and can take your sourcing skills to a higher level.”
— Kelly Boatright, Executive Recruiter at Dell

“Dave brought leading edge techniques to our learning sessions. He received postive remarks from session attendees – He is definitively worth considering as you develop real-life learning opportunities for your staff!”
— Elsa Zambrano, HR Business Partner for North and Latin America, Global Public Business Segment at Dell

“Dave has given us a inspiring workshop in Holland which we all loved. He has made us very enthusiastic and gave us very good tips/tricks. He’s a real presenter and he has got the ability to teach in a playful way. I really admire Dave as a person as well as I admire him about his intelligent search methods. I can recommend every recruiter to take part in one of Daves’ workshops, although it will be a disadvantage for me and my colleagues. Thanks for all!”
— Ernst Jan Berger, Marketing Manager, Independent

“During his European tour, I got to know Dave as an enthusiastic and helpful expert. His knowledge in the field of recruitment 2.0 is great. The world of recruitment and the possibilities of the Internet come together in a practical way in his workshop.”
— Wilbert van Beek, Director and Founder, IT-Profile B.V.

“I followed a workshop in Holland from Dave. I know for sure that because of this workshop I will be more successful in Recruiting. Especially in a “who will get the best talent first market.” This workshop will put me a step ahead against fellow Dutch Recruiters! Dave, thanks a lot!”
— Joris Brussen, Consultant, Strictly People

“It was a pleasure to meet Dave Mendoza at the Australasian Talent Conference (April 08). Not only has Dave been very open in sharing his wealth of knowledge in the sourcing arena but subsequent to our meeting, he has without hesitation welcomed me into his professional network and been very generous with advice. I thank Dave for the opportunity to spend time with him and highly recommend Dave to those that get the opportunity to work with him. (please note – I have not worked with Dave).”
— Elizabeth Lam, Head of Candidate Management, TMP Worldwide Recruitment Strategy & Advertising

“During Dave recent trip to Australia as part of the Australasian Talent Conference I had the pleasure to spend considerable time with Dave and work closely with him. He is at the forefront of our industry and seen as a subject matter expert in creative sourcing techniques and has established himself as world expert in the field of social and professional networks and how they are changing the way we communicate now and in the future. On a personal note Dave passion, commitment, sense of fun and willingness to share and impart his knowledge, introduce you to his contacts and network and assist you in developing your trade further sets him apart from most. I look forward to collabrating and working with Dave today and into the future.”
— Martin Warren, Director, Insidejob, Melbourne, Australia

“Out of the many speakers at this year’s Australian Talent Conference, Dave stood out as one of the most insightful, relevant and entertaining. He has a certain presence about him that draws you in and seems well practised at engaging with the audience and making a connection seem personal. He happily divulged some of the secrets to his success, which included blogging tips, search engine sourcing secrets and a whole host of web sites and insider ideas. Dave alone would have made the conference worthwhile.”
— Fiona Turner, Account Director, TMP Worldwide, Sydney, Australia

“I’ve known Dave as an online friend for about two or three years but this year he has truly blown me away by demonstrating for everyone the power of his network on LinkedIn. I don’t think I’m that easy to impress but I was surprised. My endorsement was not requested. I just felt the need to testify.”
— Michael Kelemen, “Recruiting Animal” Radio Show

“Dave is a global subject matter expert on Blogging and using Linked-in. He can assist recruiters significantly improve their sourcing capability and he assisted many recruiters who recently attended our ATC event in Sydney in 2008. Dave is a great contact and I would commend him to any recruiter wanting to improve their sourcing or blogging skills.”
— Trevor Vas, AustralAsian Talent Conference, Melbourne, Australia

“I attended a number of Dave Mendoza’s presentations at the Australasian Talent Conference 14-16 April 2008. Two powerful presentations were the co-presentation on “Blogging for Talent” with Kevin Wheeler and the panel on “Social Media &Second Life ; how is technology impacting recruitment?”. Both these sessions were a fabulous learning forum in regards to the opportunity and capability of social networking on line. Furthermore, a transparent forum around the opportunities that can be (and are currently) being created in relation to corporate & employee branding coupled with creatin awareness for role opportunities/JD. In summary, I found Dave’s contribution in regards to his knowledge and practical examples most valuable.
— Selena Damian, Client Relationship Manager, Hudson

“I met Dave at the ATC conference in Sydney. He is a most generous spirit with a quiet dignity who really knows his stuff. I recoomend any who gets the opportunity to see Dave speak takes that opportunity.”
— Robert Godden, Accolade Marketing Service), Consulting in HR & IT

“Dave Mendoza embodies the values and aspirations of a new economy where networking and relationship capital is put to work for the benefit of others. He is a tireless advocate for building virtual and physical communities and connecting people who share mutual interests and motives. As a teacher, mentor and coach Dave is generous with what he knows and gives without thought for himself. He is smart. I am happy to endorse Dave as someone who I have the highest personal and professional regard for.”
— Amitai Givertz, Principal, AMG Management Advisors

“We recently brought Dave to Milwaukee to give his “Sourcing Guru’s Guide to LinkedIn” presentation to the members of the Human Resources Management Association of Southeastern Wisconsin. There’s apparent high interest in this subject, as we had almost twice as large attendance as we usually get. Dave informed, entertained and challenged the audience. Though he was unable to get live access to the Internet as he had hoped, his presentation skills overcame that difficulty and he delivered an outstanding program. I had heard from the people at Cleveland SHRM that Dave’s program was not to be missed, and they were absolutely correct!”
— Connie Poll, Director, NAS Recruitment Communications

“Dave had an unlimited amount of knowledge concerning the development of search strategies to find passive candidates. He is definitely worth the investment that any association or organization would have in obtaining his services. I highly recommended his services to any business that is looking to go to the next level in their quest to obtain passive talent.”
— Delta Triplett, Manager, Diversity Legal Recruiting

“Dave spoke at a recent St. Louis Staffing Management Association meeting and was wonderful! His presentation on using LinkedIn as a recruiting and networking tool was not only educational and informative, but creative and fun too. He has an intimate knowledge of of his subject matter that allows him to cover any questions that may come up. Make sure to include Dave for your future presentations!”
— Aaron Strecker, Human Resources Manager, Outrider North America

“Dave spoke on a panel discussion for the Chicago EMA chapter. His deep expertise with online social networking used for recruiting was well received. We look forward to working with Dave again in the future.”
— Carl Kutsmode, Recruiting Solutions Consulting Practice

“Dave recently participated in a panel discussion on the use of on-line social networking as a recruiting tool to the Staffing Management Association of Greater Chicago. As a subject matter expert, Dave provided creative yet practical ideas on the use of these tools in the recruiting industry. His contributions were very well received by our members. Todd Humes VP of Programs, SMAGC”
— Todd Humes, Managing Director, Volt Professional Search

“Dave spoke at a joint CSHRM (Cleveland Society for Human Resource Management) and SMA (Staffing Management Association) meeting and did an outstanding job. His presentation on using LinkedIn as a recruiting and networking tool was easy to follow, his delivery was entertaining, and the knowledge shared was useful. I recommend Dave for future presentations!”
— Jennifer Vorous, Senior HR Specialist/Project Manager at Rosetta

“Dave is one of the great Networkers in the recruitment and staffing space. He reaches out to colleagues on both sides of the Pond, bringing thought leadership across disciplines, cultures and countries. I am glad to have Dave as a colleague, mentor in networking and as a friend. I highly recommend Dave.”
— Alan Whitford, Owner, Abtech Partnership

“Dave provided the guidance for the “how tos” on the design and implementation for online sourcing/recruiting plans. He assisted in assessing the sourcing needs and trained on the concepts and the techniques to work for open searches. Susan Lamb SAP and ]IT Security Recruiter”
— Susan Lamb, IT Search Consultant, Princeton One

“Dave is the classic connector, and it’s not just because he has 10,000+ connections on Linkedin. He has an understanding of social sites generally and he links this directly to the value that recruiters can take from them. In addition to being a connector, Dave is also an expert on Internet candidate search and SEO, so there is real content behind all this connecting. If you want to be a better recruiter, or you want your team to recruit more effectively, give him a call.”
— Frank Mulligan, Owner, Accetis International, Recruit China & Talent Software

“Dave could have been the guy behind sites linkedin. zoominfo etc. His understanding of how all these new community sites can be used, but not abused in the recruitment industry. Dave has truly recognized the power of networking and gives unstintingly back to the community. His blog is great. Finally Dave is a really good guy and has huge talent. He has become a friend but also a mentor. Dave will be some to watch in the future. Keith”
— Keith Robinson, Founder and CEO,

“I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with Dave Mendoza discussing recruiting strategies while at the ERE conference. Then, about a week later, I had the opportunity to participate in one of Dave’s workshops regarding how to get the most out of LinkedIN. Dave is one of the most knowledgeable recruiters I know when it comes to sourcing strategies. He understands where and how to find those hard to find candidates, and is more than willing to share his knowledge with others. He even taught me a trick or two. I would highly recommend adding Dave to your recruiting network and toolbox.”
— Heather Hartmann, President, Heather Hartmann, LLC

“Dave was able to quickly get everyone involved and excited about his search techniques with a thorough training experience. I would recommend any recruiter or firm to connect with Dave to multiply their online talent relationships.”
— Scott Morales, HR Program Manager at Fairchild Semiconductor

“Dave gave an excellent presentation regarding online sourcing to the St. Louis EMA chapter. He was very knowledgeable regarding the topic and his energy and presentation style kept everyone highly engaged. This was a topic that I felt very comfortable with yet Dave still taught me many more techniques that I started using immediately. I would highly recommend Dave to deliver expert training to groups at all experience levels.”
— David Jackson, Recruiter at Accenture

“Dave gave a presentation about Linked Into the Cleveland Society of Human Resource Managers in September, 2007. He was very informative and professional, and kept the audience entertained. Dave’s insights on using Linked In for recruiting were very valuable. He received high ratings on our feedback forms, and I highly recommend him for speaking on this topic.”
— Randy Samsel, Past President at Cleveland Society of HR Managers

“Dave is an exceptionially talented individual when in comes to developing and implementing creative sourcing and recruiting techniques. He is actively involved in educating industry professionals on the same techniques he has successfully utilized. Dave has my highest recommendation as an industry professional.”
— Steve Lowisz, CEO, Qualigence, Inc

“Dave provided excellent assistance in outlining new technques & recruiting technologies through the net. The team was indeed grateful of his enthusiasm to teach, guide and share his vast knowledge & experiences in the recent trend of recruitment. Great Job Dave & looking forward to keep in touch with you always!”
— Mary Ann Ellescas, Sr. HR Rep. at Fairchild Semiconductor

“I worked with Dave on a project that helped educate staffing professionals on different recruiting environments throughout Europe. His brilliant idea was to interview expat recruiters in various countries in order to create a wider understanding of the challenges associated with recruiting outside of the US. It became an outstanding resource for me while I was recruiting in Europe as it gave me ideas to increase the effectiveness of my recruiting efforts that I hadn’t previously thought of. It also is a great resource for staffing professionals to get together with others who are facing similar challenges and compare notes.”
— Brian Janecek, Sr. Recruiter at SolarWorld Industries America

“Dave provided an invaluable service that will greatly improve our productivity. His vast network and
search tips saved us enormous amount of critical manhours.”
— Tina Leibiger, Sr. Technical Recruiter at Fairchild Semiconductor

“Dave is a leading authority in his field. From cutting edge sourcing strategies to technical know-how, Dave is an expert in the realm of all things related to recruiting.”
— Aaron Aguiar, HR Business Partner at Fairchild Semiconductor

“It was the quickest hour on record. Your presentation to the Cleveland Society of Human Resource Managers was outstanding in content, delivery, and entertainment value. Networking has come a long way in the past few years. Your program showed us just how far it’s come, and how to be a participant instead of a spectator. CSHRM is posting your presentation on their website, which will be very useful.””
— Jim Norbuta

“I had the opportunity to hear Dave speak about LinkedIn at our recent Cleveland SHRM meeting. I learned how powerful this tool really is!! I have been a member but never truly understood all that LinkedIn has to offer me as a recruiter and in professional networking. I am so excited about this and the opportunities it will provide to both my company and my own professional growth. I am currently planning on introducing this to our recruiting team at our next staff meeting and am hoping to get Dave in to present this to our entire recruiting department as a next step.”
— Sherri Lynn Perry, PHR, Sr. Recruiter, The Lubrizol Corporation

“Dave is an exceptional and gifted speaker. I recently saw Dave give not only an outstanding presentation to my HR group, but he overcame technical difficulties to give a talk on the intricacies of using LinkedIn to a packed room and “wowed” everyone. Obviously, not an easy task! I also found Dave to be very approachable as I not only had the chance to speak with him prior to the presentation, but observed him to be engaged and patient with the various questions he entertained after he was done. Again, a nod to the character of Dave himself. Dave clearly knows his business. You’ll be a better person for having crossed paths with him and I highly encourage anyone to see him speak.”
— Kenyon Mau, Principal, Human Capital Advisors

“Dave found me my current position at International Rectifier which has been the perfect match for me. This is my third year and I am very lucky that he found me! Thanks Dave”
— Mary Tsolak, was DAVE’s client

“Dave Mendoza provided a great value in teaching Shally Steckerl’s Cybersluth onsite training class to the staff at Elite Technical Group, Inc.. Dave demonstrated the terrific ability to speak to the various skill levels of our recruiting staff. He also insured that everyone understood the content before moving forward to the next topic in the training. We were very impressed with Dave’s training style, depth of knowledge, clarity of communication and methodology in moving through the curriculum. Most importantly, Dave was very patient and displayed a great sense of humor! We feel as though the training Dave provided has given us the additional skills/tools to perform more effective searches that are executed at a higher level of efficiency. We are pleased to say that these new found tools will enable the staff at Elite Technical Group, Inc. to provide a superior level of service to both our clients and candidates.”
— Linda C. Flores, Elite Technical Group, Inc., President

“If you’re even thinking about it, HIRE HIM! This guy knows his stuff…”
— Russell Glass, VP, Products and Marketing, Zoom Information Inc

“Dave is one of those superconnectors you read about in Malcolm Gladwell books. His connections, and most of all, his willingness to step forward and help people he barely knows, really make a difference in his networking efforts. The man has a huge contact list because he actively seeks to promote others. What better recommnedation could I give than that he is interesed in your success? Sourcing in his DNA.”
— James Durbin, Director, Corporate Communications, Durbin Media Group

“Dave is an extremely dynamic individual, who has a wealth of knowledge about the industry, staffing trends, and is an amazing recruiter. Dave has the ability to look beyond the here and now, and see where the industry is headed and has a road path to get there. I could not recommend him more strongly.”
— Jim Krontz, Principal Technical Recruiter at Raytheon Missile Systems

“It is hard to add anything new to the great recommendations that Dave has received from some of the most respected people in the recruiting industry. Yah it is true that Dave is one of the most connected individuals in the recruiting space. It is also true that Dave get done what he says he will. It is also true that Dave has a lot of value to add to any organization. So what else can I say…well Dave is also one of the nicest and most thoughtful individuals I know. I always look forward to seeing him at every recruiting event.”
— Ryan Money, Founder /former CEO, HireVue

“Dave is a real mover and shaker in the recruiting industry. His speaking and training sessions are not to be missed, I would suggest you contact him when you are looking for a top person who can help you with your staffing needs.”
— Craig Silverman, Executive Vice President – Sales & Marketing –, HireAbility

“I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Dave numerous times and trading even more emails with him. I’ve also been fortunate to have met him face-to-face a couple of times. I look forward to far more phone, email, and face-to-face meetings because the El Dave’s passion and knowledge about recruiting is inspiring. While many in this industry know a lot, Dave is one of those rare breeds that knows a lot, is humble, and loves to share his knowledge with those around him so that they also can do great things for the candidates and employers with whom they work.”
— Steven Rothberg, President and Founder,

“Recruiting is one of the three most important roles in any company (the other two are the CFO and the head of sales/marketing) – sadly, so many recruiting departments are deficient in the most critical aspect of talent acquisition. Yes, Dave can recruit with the best of them but what separates him is his ability to develop and manage targeted talent pools; without these, recruiting becomes a decision as to which job board one wants to use rather than focusing on the people who are immersed in solving the kinds of problems that your company needs to solve. He is passionate about his craft and by electing to blog so eloquently about it, he demonstrates his willingness to share best practices to others. As such, Mendoza is a clear asset to our profession.”
— Steve Levy, Principal, outside-the-box Consulting

“I have not worked with Dave directly but have read some of his sourcing strategy proposals and was impressed by his level of creativity and proactiveness.”
— Rob McIntosh, Former Central Sourcing Manger, Microsoft Corp

“Creative, passionate and knowledgeable, Dave is a rising star in the recruitment industry. Keep an eye on this guy!”
— Jim Stroud is a Social Media Development Manager, The Recruiters Lounge, Jim Stroud, Inc.

“A website to bookmark is Dave’s Blog – Six Degrees from Dave. However, I would suggest that you find a way to be at least one degree or less from Dave. He is the ultimate networker and an equally effective sourcer and recruiter. This is one pro who is a must have on your A-List.”
— Bret Hollander, Sr. Recruiter/Sourcer, NETRECRUITER

“Dave’s strategic approach and and knowledge of the recruitment industry is second to none. I witnessed first-hand his ability to understand a company’s goals, overcome obstacles and manage effectively to successfully execute his objectives. He is an industry leader.#”
— Mike Romano, Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Advertising, ARV Assisted Living (now Atria Senior Living), managed DAVE indirectly at Dave Mendoza & Associates, Inc

“Dave is without question the most networked individual in the semiconductor space. He has also as helped me on many occasions with recruiting top talent and closing deal in a timely fashion- always willing to help and in definitely knows the value of getting things done quickly in a tight market.”
— David Perque, Recruiting Consultant, TippingPoint – 3COM

“Dave is the Social Networking King and the most connected person in Recruiting that I know. I applaud Dave’s efforts to bring the recruiting world “closer together,” and would strongly advise that, if you are in recruiting and not connected to Dave….get connected!”
— Dennis Smith, Former Recruiting Manager, T-Mobile

“Dave is a CyberSleuth with the knowledge and ability to reach out and touch a large amount of people. This is a new skillset which makes technical recruiters increasingly valuable as we are tasked with contacting and sifting thru large datasets. Although particularly skilled in semiconductors, his Cybersleuthing expertise translates across multiple industry categories and segments.”
— James Duran, President, Duran Human Capital Partners, Inc.

“I have been completely blown away by Dave’s ability to get things done in a short period of time. He says he will do it and it gets done and I must say it gets done beyond expectations. His ability to network and put the right message in front of the right people is quite amazing. Dave helped me with a networking project and the results have been staggering. Thanks Dave.”
— Jason Davis, Founder of,

“Dave has done a very good job sourcing top notch semiconductor applicants for our company.”
— Tom Vegos, Staffing Manager, Semtech

“Dave’s expertise area is in identifying passive candidates among key competitors and has been instrumental in expanding our targets. Dave has been of great support in identifying talent resources for the position requirements.”
— Valerie Scarsellato, Recruiter/Talent Sourcing Consultant, at Intel, Formerly at Freescale Semiconductor

“Dave Mendoza consults with Freescale as a semiconductor research, sourcing and recruiting expert. Dave is an absolute hurricane, a reliable Category 5. Semiconductor knowledge, tactical value, reliable and good strategic awareness… he’s a great part of our North America team and has successfully sourced overseas as well.”
— Paul Westmoreland, Former Talent Manager, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

“Dave is a key part of Freescale’s staffing organization and has a tremendous amount of knowledge of the industry. Dave is a very strong resource to our company and has the right saavy required to support our business.”
— Chris Chalberg, Former Director, Global Talent Strategy, Freescale Semiconductor

“Dave Mendoza is a recruiting machine. He is one of the most knowledgeable recruiters I know. Dave has a special knack for finding those difficult skill sets. He is also a master in negotiations and deep web search. I would recommend Dave to any high tech company looking for superior talent.”
— Kal Luben, Former Staffing Specialist, Freescale Semiconductor

“Dave is an industry expert in using highly sophisticated search technology to locate and successfully recruit technical professionals. I’ve only worked with Dave for a few short months now and have been continuously impressed with his ability to locate top-tier talent in a moments notice.”
— Richard Reed, Former Staffing Specialist, Freescale Semiconductor

“Dave Mendoza is by far the most networked and resourceful recruiter that I know. Dave has an intense work ethic and is one of the most professional recruiters that I’ve worked with. His expertise in developing passive candidates and thorough name generation capabilities makes him one of the strongest researchers I know, and one which our staff could depend upon. I would highly recommend Dave for senior level research and full cycle recruiting roles. He is very professional in every situation and I highly recommend him in finding the most highly qualified candidate for any highly specific technical position.”
— Jennifer DeJoya, former Senior Recruiter at International Rectifier

“Dave was the key to many of our searches at IR. He was always able to generate good candidates that fit the job descriptions that we gave to him. I would highly recommend his sourcing skills as well as his recruiting skills!”
— Dave Taylor, former Senior Recruiter at International Rectifier

“I have worked with Dave in hiring World-Class employees for International Rectifier and have found him to be a Recruiter who is inventive and relentless in his pursuit of the candidates. I know he has saved International Rectifier many thousands of dollars with his hard work. I would recommend Dave for any recruiting assignment.”
— Tom Soderquist, former Senior Recruiter at International Rectifier