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Thank You Qualigence, Jay Dee and Congrats to ERE Foundation

Posted on October 31, 2006
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I want to take this opportunity to thank Steve Lowisz, CEO at Qualigence for his willingness to sponsor Six Degrees on behalf of’s charity tournament in Toronto.

I want to thank Jason and Michelle Davis for their uncontested ability to host an occasion among peers and make it a first class affair, from the catering, to hiring a professional poker dealer, to the drinks, and above all for their generous hospitality overall. Dear friends to Six Degrees aside, I say it with heart felt sincerity – I was touched, as were we all who attended.


Jason Davis, (aka “Jay Dee”) Founder of has been one of the principle cheerleaders of the ERE Foundation and when he invited me to participate among the circle of ten high profile leaders in the industry I was both thrilled to be asked and likewise, I hesitated at first. I asked myself, “How would my wife feel about me attending a high stakes (for us anyway) poker tournament with a bunch of hustlers like Russell “the Cardshark” Glass, VP Business Development at ZoomInfo, and Ryan “Show Me The” Money, CEO at HireVue – in another country no less!” Qualigence made the case for me thankfully. My argument was above approach …“Honey, why would the largest recruitment research firm in the U.S. feel strongly enough about the ERE Foundation to sponsor “Six Degrees …” if it wasn’t a genuine good cause?” She was speechless. I bought the airfare and off I was to play for a worthy cause and develop memories that will last a life time.

What is the ERE Foundation?

The ERE Foundation supports education and literacy programs that provide underprivileged young people with the skills they need for future careers all over the world. As a member of ERE’s recruiting and business professional community, I strongly support ERE’s Founder, David Manaster and his commitment to helping to offer thousands of people career opportunities by starting early – finding kids who need educational assistance and giving them a better chance at eventually getting one of those offers themselves.

What is Qualigence?

Steve Lowisz, CEO, participates in several well-known industry events and conferences as a speaker or panel moderator. He presents case studies alongside our most loyal clients, as well as educates the audience on several topics including Outsourcing/In-Sourcing, How to Successfully Attract and Hire Passive Candidates, and The Advantages of Competitive Intelligence.

Qualigence is no stranger to philanthropy, nor to the recruitment industry. It is a unique and successful recruitment research and professional search firm headquartered in Livonia, Michigan with additional offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois. Qualigence identifies professionals from all industries and position levels and can develop qualified and culturally-fit passive candidates into interested candidates for your organization. Known for the accuracy and depth of its name generation research, Qualigence also has the capability to become as involved in the recruiting process as needed, making the firm a true business partner with its clients. As a business partner, Qualigence operates for an hourly consulting fee for all of the services they provide – no commissions and provides name genration on a per-name basis. The product Qualigence delivers is a helpful supplement the ongoing efforts of senior sourcers as they architects pipeline. I would argue name generation boutique firms can be a fruitful partner as opposed to a competitor. Research firm products allow a broader peer search and networking tree from which to advance candidate relationships, especially priority positions which require high Fill-Rates. I know from personal experience, I’ve been a customer in the past.

The Poker Tournament

I was the first one out, with David Manaster following soon after … but I tell you – I went in a blaze of glory! I raised my arms shouting “YESSSS!” with all of us believing I had just beaten Jason Goldberg, CEO at Jobster … he sunk his head thinking defeat had befallen him … the dealer paused … and then announces to our disbelief that JG had in fact carried the banner for Jobster.

A fleeting moment, but a memorable one.

David Manaster followed me as second out, the rest gets fuzzy, but I know this … it was an exciting contest between Russell Glass, two time reigning poker champion and Jason Davis …. our host ended the night victorious. All jokes aside, Jason Davis earned it, he played flawlessly.

All the while I sat, well fed, with memorable moments to be had, an impeccable host and hostess in the Davis’s, and surrounded by friends who will for years to come have an impact on my way of thinking. What a gift in life to have passion in what you do, to laugh as you lose money for a good cause, and to know you met bigger than life personalities that guarantee a smile on your face whenever you get their email or receive their call.

Jay Dee, thanks so much for getting such great people in a room that I call my friends. You achieved much my friend, but to have chosen so perfectly in the personalities you have so often surrounded yourself with, made a great two day adventure all the more memorable my friend.

And the end result? The ERE Foundation’s charity raised over $7,500.

Good Times, Good Times

1) Feel free to learn more about Qualigence services by contacting them directly
here and tell them El Dave sent ya 🙂

2) To learn more about the ERE Foundation and to find out how you can volunteer or to make a tax deductable donation, email them directly at

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One Response to “Thank You Qualigence, Jay Dee and Congrats to ERE Foundation”

  1. Russell Glass on October 31st, 2006 8:14 pm

    Dave, thanks for the nickname… going to be tough to live down.

    Things I learned at the tournament:

    – Goldberg doesn’t need to look at his cards to win a pot… or to lose one.
    – Crispin looks great in black and white
    – El Dave should keep his day job
    – Jay Dee is a fish as long as his own songs are on the radio
    – Money needs a GPS system to help him navigate with his GPS system
    – Recruiting Animal is taller than he looks
    – Michelle (Jay’s wife) is the best hostess ever

    Was a great time… thanks to all for making it and the Davis’ for hosting.