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The Gerry Crispin Dancers,, Las Vegas RecruitFest

Posted on March 5, 2008
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What happens in Vegas stays in Las Vegas? Jason Davis, “Uncle” Gerry Crispin, and I will be hearing about this for years to come, but when Jay Dee throws a party for, this is what you get – Thought Leaders never hesitating once at the chance to have fun, hats and all.

At it’s a simple formula: Information + Entertainment = Infotainment Recruitment. How do you experience it? Easy, visit the site, look at your top right and sign up and perhaps you will be a Gerry Crispin Dancer someday.


I made all my dreams come true that day …. I am hanging up my dance shoes … for now … until the next RecruitFest Party at a city near you.

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One Response to “The Gerry Crispin Dancers,, Las Vegas RecruitFest”

  1. Howard Adamsky on March 5th, 2008 2:46 pm

    I don’t care what anyone says…

    I have been out dancing with Jerry and he is really H-O-T!