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Thought Leader, Keith Robinson, Fires up International Expansion of OTYS Recruiting

Posted on June 2, 2008
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc.
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Keith Robinson appointed as Director of International Business Development

Veenendaal, May 2008. Netherland’s fastest growing recruitment technology company, OTYS Recruiting Technology, strengthens its brand impact on a competitive market by hiring global recruitment specialist Keith Robinson.

After being involved with OTYS Recruiting Technology since May of 2006, Keith Robinson joins OTYS as Director of International Business Development. In this role, Robinson will have a vote on the Board of Directors. Together with Jorrit Blok (CEO) and Bert Koning (MD), he will assist OTYS in the further expansion of its brand into the European and Global recruitment market. Keith Robinson also joins the OTYS holding as a shareholder. His caliber and experience will complement OTYS’ global position as a leading provider of innovative recruitment technology solutions.

“Keith shares our vision and values.” Bert Koning says. “He believes that recruitment and marketing are very closely related. I’m excited that we expand our board with someone with the same thoughts. Especially since we’re so rapidly expanding in foreign markets: Keith is a great person to have on board.”

About Keith Robinson

Keith Robinson has had prolific experience in the recruitment business, and has served in a variety of capacities. He is the Founder and former COO of Total Jobs, and has served as Media Director at two of the UK’s largest Recruitment Advertising agencies. Robinson is generally acknowledged as one of the thought leaders in Europe on all aspects of the development and implementation of web based strategies for recruitment, Human Resources, classified advertising, and publishing.

The history of Keith Robinson tells a tale of our industry’s innovations, entrepreneurialism, and the community which binds each milestone from their tributaries. I have been blessed with good friends and mentors, and in Keith I have been graced in both and privy to each spell binding oration of his adventures in this business as a veteran sage within it.

He is a Brit, but to that end, his charm is not the arch-stereotype we Yanks assume. You see, Keith earns every warm effusive handshake, every reminiscent aspect of an evening of gluttonous creative energy derived in times shared, and he has more heart in that pat in the back than friends decades evolved. Be it his days befriending the rock band, ‘The Ramones,’ or being a historic participant in the evolution of classifieds, recruitment as a profession, or contributing legacy stature to the success of a multi-million dollar job board like – in all things our industry’s progression reflects his contributions.

About OTYS

OTYS Recruiting Technology develops software for recruiters, staffing agencies, search & selection specialists and job boards. The OTYS solution helps recruiters to find and attract candidates, create career websites, post jobs, match and communicate with candidates, manage selection processes, and measure conversion on job traffic from various sources. OTYS has more than 350 clients in The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, the UK, and the US.

I spent an extensive amount of my time speaking with Keith, Alan Whitford and Jorrit Blok about the European Staffing Market and had the pleasure of extensive vision planning with these three giants of Thought leadership across the Atlantic.
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