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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-29

Posted on October 29, 2010
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  • Rose (Dougherty) Cava-Blanco, Corporate Staffing Director – How Does She Do It? #
  • RT @davemendoza Meet Rose (Dougherty) Cava-Blanco, Silicon Valley Director of Staffing #
  • RT @davemendoza Meet Andrew Heywood, Global Recruiter Veteran from Google, Apple, Adobe – Dog’s Be.. #
  • En route to ere. Gross humidity awaits me #
  • Sitting in and helping Shally at Sourcing Lab at ERE Precon. Great new material! Never ceases to raise the bar! #
  • Listening to Kevin Wheeler on College recruitment at #ERE #
  • Attending #ERE Expo Fall 2010, Hollywood FL #
  • @kwheeler discussses "models for managing your millennials" theme #ERE Expo Fall 2010 #
  • "career is a ladder and professional track" @kwheeler #ERE Expo Fall 2010 #
  • "Most college recruiting programs are "built on non-quantitative criteria and on assumptions @kwheeler #ERE Expo Fall 2010 #

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