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Welcome Six Degrees Friends: “I Joined, … Now What?”

Posted on February 4, 2008
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc. (720) 733-2022

Click HERE to join, then Click “Sign Up.” It’s Easy.

A hearty welcome to all my friends from my Linkedin Network, Six Degrees who were kind enough to take my suggestion and visit today and joined.

I was just mentioning to Jason (“Jay Dee”) Davis that it was fascinating to review the pictures and background profiles, and hobbies mentioned of those I recognize as Six Degrees members and it adds to the sentimental aspect of what today’s technologies have brought to developing online friends and in-person.

To borrow a phrase from my friend Jason Alba (BTW you will soon learn there are many Jason’s in the recruiting industry ) “I joined, … Now What?”

What makes it different than other specialty groups? Is it Konnect? Is it Spock? Is it Facebook?

To put it simply this is YOUR Network. This is the Professional & Social Network for Recruiters By Recruiters. It is above all Your Community and it is thriving. Many of my closest friends and business colleagues I met through Jason Davis’ brainchild’s – the former being and today the idea has evolved into the definitive social networking site we call home,

To Answer your question, “I joined, … Now What?”

First, let me emphasize the robust and easily customized features for social networking that you can fit to reflect your personality and achieve your professional needs.

The RecruitingBlogs Community is essentially home to subject matter expert, such as yourself, to share their unique staffing experience and mentor each other on a social networking platform principle provided by NING, to facilitate a broader networking experience to build community.

When you join you will find available subGroups within the community, for example, Paul DeBettignies has an active “Recruiters On LinkedIn” group – and if you peruse the specific link of you can review over 45 subgroups within to choose from, be it IT Staffing to Restaurant Executive recruiting. As a matter of fact, you can even create your own groups if you see an area which isn’t covered and invite your colleagues at work and in the community online overall, to share best practices by specialization area. Cool eh?

You can click profiles of recruiters and “Add a Friend” kinda like Linkedin or Facebook. You can Create Forum discussions and ask for referrals, ask HR questions, ask about sourcing methods, or about industry staffing events and get immediate answers that, essentially, help you do your job to make new hires from colleagues who embrace questions and love to give answers.

Here is the best part: so often I hear recruiters say they want to create their own blog but either are too busy, costs too much or they don’t have the technical skill sets to create one on their own. Well at you can click the “My Page” tab button and use the easiest widgets known to recruitment-kind and drag and remove tools that allow you to embed your own youtube presentation you gave at a conference, a technology demo or even something more personal like a home video of your daughter dancing to your cell phone ringer like I did. Even better, add music you enjoy so that visitors can see your personality through song as they click your profile.

Yes, and it’s all free. Amazing eh? (Since meeting Jason Davis you pick up Canadian terms). You can earn a living at what you love and share your accomplishments, cautionary tales, and how to’s with people who care to hear about it here at

At the RecruitingBlogs Community you can do each of the following:

  • Each Member can create a personal blog
  • Each member can create, add to new Forums for discussion
  • Each member can contribute how-to videos, demos etc for wide viewing among members
  • Invite other members to join projects to contribute, create new products, solve problems
  • Connect with each other on Linkedin and other social networks
  • Join & Create specialized niche groups within the community itself
  • Create countdown calendars and RSS feeds to conferences/expos
  • Alert others about team talent needs to help meet your deadlines

    We look forward to having you join this promising new initiative to bring all media/content elements into a truly collaborative social networking community to promote the Staffing Industry.

    PS: Include your picture on your profile, give a window into your world and make friends here. We welcome you with open arms.

    Your friendly neighborhood Networking Cybersleuth,

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    One Response to “Welcome Six Degrees Friends: “I Joined, … Now What?””

    1. Susan Cochell on February 5th, 2008 9:02 am

      Good Afternoon Dave:

      I would like to join the Six Degrees Group. I did join Recruiting Blogs as you suggested. About me:-
      A leadership position in a premier organization utilizing 18 plus years of demonstrated management experience in business, logistics, supply chain, procurement, -distribution, project and general management to drive revenue and profit growth. A business leader with proven negotiation skills, and the ability to foster positive and profitable relationships. Build employee motivation and morale through open communications and recognition of top performance.
      My contact information is email or and my number is 972-818-1690.


      Susan Cochell